MapTap: Beta Release 2.4.0 RC8

15th June 2013

Update: MapTap has been replaced by Gauge.

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Beta version RC7 was supposed to correctly detect the half-life executable location. It didn’t.

I have tested this version and it worked correctly for me.

I will test it a little more and if there are no reports of issues, then this is likely to be the actual release candidate.


Show only the “First Maps Only”
This feature will make it easier to play maps that are part of a larger pack. It’s not perfect, as sometimes you want to play all the maps individually, but viewing the first maps only sure helps.

Installation Location
This version should now correctly locate the installation of the various Half-Life locations. I know that’s what I said last time, but I really mean it this time.

One other feature is that the timer should now stay visible. It’s the first step in a few more ideas related to the timer, but there are more important features to include first.


I am looking for people to install and use the application and provide feedback on your experience. I need as much detail as possible, especially if you encounter a bug. We need to know exactly what you did, so we can try and replicate it.

Feedback should be via this post as a comment and include as much information as possible.


As with all beta release software, it may not work as expected. You accept ALL risk involved. Of course, we don’t believe there will be any adverse affects, but it’s still not our fault if something goes wrong.

Download the update

Download the update to your HDD [6.08MB]
You have read the disclaimer, haven’t you?

Download the full installer

Download the full install to your HDD [11.0MB]
You have read the disclaimer, haven’t you?


The file has been compressed into a 7zip file because I disallow “.exe” file downloads for security reasons. Open the file with your compression software of choice and copy the .exe to a location of your choice and run it as an administrator.

It is only designed to work on Microsoft Windows.

If you decide to test it, thank you.


  1. Hec

    Hi Phillip. Im currently using an old verssion of MT which works fine with HL 1 maps. I preffer to leave that verssion I own till I have time to play the 3 mappacks I havent played yet.
    So after that I will be able to update MT to its latest verssion. I ask you. Once you have a definitive MT verssion, not beta will you post it here as the original?? maybe during july or untill agoust??

  2. Hec

    Well I updated to this versión, and I report no shortfalls, at least with HL1 files works fine.

  3. Nice!! thanks for all your hard work….. :-{=

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