LDA: Tutoring Session 002

24th May 2016

Here is Don’s and Phillip’s second tutoring session. Please feel free to ask questions related to the topics practiced.

Please visit its homepage for full details of the Level Design Academy project.

Tutoring Session 002
Date Video length Contents
24th May 2016 2h 34m
  • Introduction to the Level Design Academy
  • Responses to Phillip’s Questions raised during his previous practice sessions
  • Review of shortcuts
  • Best practices
  • Review of interface elements in Hammer
  • Review of brushes and entities
  • OMG, brushes can be entities too!
  • Parts of a brush
  • Brushes MUST BE convex NOT concave
  • Selecting multiple brushes
  • Brush rotating and skewing
  • Flip and align
  • Transform dialogue box
  • Other brush primitives: Wedges, cylinders and spikes
  • Introduction to carving, hollowing and clipping
  • Nervous breakdown trying to remember everything!

Missed the previous tutoring and practice sessions?

Don and Phillip really hope that the Level Design Academy will encourage people to learn along with Phillip.

These posts can be used to ask questions related to the topics covered. Both Phillip or Don will do their best to help.

Files for the Level Design Academy, including the applications used ca be found here: http://www.bit.ly/LDA-Files.


  1. My next practice session for this tutoring will be online on Thursday.

    1. Heh, how about that for timing. I’ve just booked Thursday off work.

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