Invasion 105

for Half-Life

4th June 2006

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

Author’s Note: “It’s based on Hl2 city17 maps, the mission is to get to the other side of the street and enter in the citadel walkway. It’s packed like a mini based on spirit of hl code, so extract it to your half-life folder.”

Basic Details
  • Title: Invasion 105
  • File Name: hl1-sp-invasion-105.7z
  • Original File Name: agx_invasion105v11.rar
  • Size : 6.84Mb
  • Author: Ag3nt-X
  • Date Released: 02 June 2006
  • Related Link: TWHL Thread
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  1. bumtown

    i liked it 🙂

  2. WhoZeDuke

    so incredibly short….and why recreate half-life 2 with half-life 1?

  3. bumtown

    for the people who dont have hl2

  4. Stakhanov

    Way too short , no variety ; buggy grunts… uninstalled 5 minutes later.

  5. Max

    Nice mod. It is a pity only, that too short.

  6. The Abandoned Workshops

    With the combine models, the enemies rarely move unless you delete / don’t install the model files they should attack as normal. Plenty of enemies to fight against, enough health and ammo around but I found the whole map too short, and felt like it needed more to it, doesn’t make it a bad map though.

    Looking at the screenshot, you would think this is for Half Life 2. If so, you guessed wrong. The level of detail in the outside areas is fantastic and sticks true to the style of Half Life 2. The combine “prop models” have been remade very well, and look great. Texturing is also very good, aligned and chosen well. The lighting is also just as good as everything else. My only complaint is the bare interiors which didn’t look too good.
    A very detailed, short map that sticks true to the Half-Life 2 style.

    Rating: 75%

  7. version 2 has been deleted do to says rapidshare where it was hosted.i cant find a link to it either.

  8. Ag3nt-X

    Wow… My maps are teh famous… I found it on and here :D…

  9. Maybe?

    In a nutshell: this mod is like Half-Life 2, but for the GoldSource engine.It’s extremely short, but stays true to the aesthetic and styles of Half-Life 2; specifically, the European architecture with that touch of future.

    However, I did notice that the Combine enemies have a delayed reaction, and I imagine if they reacted accordingly, it’d be a very hard run (I almost died a few times).

    More of a showpiece than a mod.


  10. vicpas
    Play It Now!

    Congratulations Ag3nt-X.

    Are you Portuguese or Brazilian?

    I hope you continue to make more maps for HL1

    This is for other HL1’s fans:

  11. poisonheadcrab
    Think Twice

    This is a pretty good mod idea but it could be much longer (esp becouse it’s only 2 minutes of gameplay) but was a good idea.

    PS this mod seems like it was ment to work on steam but when I start the game I can’t move.

  12. Mel
    Think Twice

    Very short, in fact too short to recommend a play, however, it’s all new stuff for HL1 so you may want to take a look.

  13. Think Twice

    I tried to play on hard and I didn’t have enough patience to fight with sharpshooter-like combines with the machinegun only. Playing on easy I finished this mod in few minutes. Don’t waste your time on it, especially if you have limited traffic. If you want HL2, play it, but don’t play this pitiful semblance.

  14. Avoid It!

    A HL2-looking mod, being in City 17. There’s not much to do except simply fighting your way through the end. Not even 5 minutes of gameplay. Poor.

    -New (HL2) textures, weapon, models, sounds
    -Lot of ammo, health, HEV batteries

    -Very short playtime
    -Less variation
    -Extremely stupid AI
    -No story, puzzles
    -Bad balancing

  15. Maybe?

    This one is a really short map with models and textures in the same style as HL2, it looks pretty great to be a game on goldsrc, although the lighting could’ve been a little better because it looks a little flat, is also in the hard side of the scale, if you are not prepared you can get killed pretty easily by the Barneys with Combine models, thankfully the map gives you a lot of ammo and health, the biggest problem with the map is that it’s too short, it can be beaten in less than 10 minutes, but I still found it pretty cool and worth a play just to explore the new level

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