Half-Life 25th Anniversary Stream

17th November 2023

Look at that! Valve just dropped a big Half-Life update on the eve of its 25-year anniversary. So, let’s check out how it plays!

I’ll stream Half-Life at the usual time (12 noon Saturday eastern US time / 5pm in the UK / 6pm Central Europe).

As usual, the stream will be on the RunThinkShootLive Twitch Channel.

Check the Time & Date.Com website for your local time. See you there!


  1. New content seems to be limited to multiplayer maps, if I’m not mistaken? In terms of SP maps, we have Uplink here (August 2012). I wonder is it the same, not counting the graphics improvements?

    Otherwise I don’t see much new.

  2. It might be they mean uplink content is part of the game. Confusing to me.

    Another question, advanced options, ie; the console ( ~) seems to be inoperative or gone? How can it be activated?

    To me if this is intentional, its a deal breaker and I want to uninstall, because add-on maps sometimes need ‘crosshair 1’, ‘noclip’ or other commands such as ai disabled fixes. In that case, how do I roll back to my original version?

    1. After loading an add-on map, closing and restarting, now the console works ….

  3. zeberdee

    I had my original Half-Life set to the beta cersion, and wasn’t getting the 25th anniversary update.
    Soon as i changed it to None in the beta program, it downloaded and updated.
    Found this works perfectly, especially with opposing force and blue-shift too, as well as any custom maps I’ve thrown at it so far. Looks great on my 2k display.

    Gonna TRY and see what Gunman Chronicles plays like.

    1. So mods running fine for you?

  4. Delightful to play the original once again on its anniversary.

    I hope this rejuvenates HL and that means it spawns a bunch of new SP maps!

  5. lj4linux

    Another big mess valve style. On linux after upgrade when trying to access the “options” menu the game crashes. The same for all hl1 mods. On my both rigs (amd and intel). Last night I changed to compatibility mode (proton experimental) and the result was the same behaviour. After deleting and reinstalling Steam the problem is gone. Waste of time…

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