Graf War

for Half-Life

7th September 2005

Author’s Note: “A single-player first-person shooter game modification using the Half-Life engine. Inspired by the State of California’s 2001 initiative making vandalism a felony when damages exceed $400 (meaning graffiti artists can now conceivably get three strikes, and hence, life in prison). I developed the concept and led a team of 3 other students in developing the mod. Produced as a final project for Eddo Stern’s Computer Programming in the Arts class (C++), the mod features its own unique menus, levels, weapon (a single can of Krylon), character models, and backstory.”


Date: 2020 AD
Location: Unknown California mass transit system

In an effort to crack down on alleged “1st amendment abuses,” the State of California has just enacted emergency legislation making vandalism a crime punishable by instant death, to be enforced by the newly-created paramilitary Graffiti Task Force. They have explicit orders to eliminate any suspected vandals on sight. Your task is to evade the Graffiti Task Force while bombing the city as much as possible.

Basic Details
  • Title: Graf War
  • File Name: hl1-sp-graf-war.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 16.3Mb
  • Author: S. Frostenson, E. Cho, A. Waer & J. Callahan
  • Date Released:
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  1. Anyone play this?I have no idea what I’m supposed to do.Maybe I’m just missing something.

  2. I Have try it too but didn’t understand the purpose make grafts but in special place ot not? what the real aim I don’t know…

  3. piledriver

    From the readme I think it wants you to create your own decals and plaster thm over the city without getting caught by the “Graffiti Task Force’. The readme incudes links and instructions on how to do this. I haven’t played it. It’s not a priority 🙂

  4. OK, I played it out of curiosity. Serves me right!
    The menu looks like there was an intention to go multiplayer with this.
    You cannot save a named game manually, only with quicksave, and retrieve with quick load.
    If you change any parameters, you must start again.
    The control keys cannot be bound to any on the numeric keypad.You have no weapons or HEV. You have a spray can.
    Soldiers will kill you.
    All you can do is make your way round the 3 or 4 maps and spray your logo (chosen from the setup menu) on things.
    This point indicates an immature design concept, only interesting for people who think it’s great to spray your logo on stuff again and again. Then run away from the grown-ups. Endlessly. No point.
    The graphic design is very basic and badly proportioned. Lighting is poor.
    All the map changes spawn you yards from where you were. For example, go half way up some steps, map change, spawn outside some distance from the top of the steps.
    I could go on……

    Overall, bad and annoying and not worthy. 0/5

    Apologies for the subjective comments

  5. feckineejit

    Sounds like Jet Set Radio for Dreamcast or JSRF for Xbox. If you could skate away from the soldiers it would be fun I guess, more points for getting higher tags would be fun too. F$^& it – I’m just going to go play Jet Set Radio.

  6. Sengoku

    But …… this mod realy exist or it’s a bad dream …. ??

  7. Avoid It!

    Sengoku, I had it, but I burned it then stamped on it and threw it in the trash.
    As I said in a previous comment
    ‘only interesting for people who think it’s great to spray your logo on stuff again and again. Then run away from the grown-ups. Endlessly. No point.’
    It really isn’t worth worrying about. There are many more HL mods and maps to play that are far better than this.

  8. I have added some details to the post. I am sure I have some screenshots somewhere and will add them later.

  9. You certainly do have some screenshots somewhere ;o
    Try your inbox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Avoid It!

    piledriver was right. Trash mod. Ugly mapping, pointless gameplay.

  11. 2muchvideogames

    about 4-5 maps interconnected and there is no real way to “progress’. You have no suit and a reskinned pringles can and the soldiers will make short work of you. There might have been some kind of coding functionality but apparently it isn’t steam compatible. And the mapping is really sad. Really, really really sad. If only there were screenshots to show you but there isn’t. You’ll be sad too, if you download this. I’ll feel sad for you too. Really.

  12. Avoid It!

    This is one of the poorest mods ever. The “story” in the readme sounded very unsual and therefore interesting, but what you get to see, experience ingame is just bad.
    You only run around in empty, undetailed rooms or tunnels with your spraycan and there’s just nothing to do, to see or anything interesting at all.
    Even “bombing” (slang for doing graffiti) didn’t work to me.
    There are some soldiers who shoot you but that’s like the only “script” in the whole mod.
    Mapping is boxy, very undetailed and there are lot of graphic bugs.
    The whole mod looks very unfinished and random.
    Tried loading other maps of the mod which I couldn’t access through the “normal” game, but there’s nothing else too, odd rooms or corridors, this time with weapons but still no sense.
    I even can’t name at least one positive argument for playing it, sorry.

    -Unusal gameplay idea

    -Looking very unfinished
    -Poor, undetailed and boxy mapping
    -No atmosphere
    -No fun or point at all
    -Very short playtime (depends on how long you can stand it)

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