Gauge 2.7.2 Now Available

14th March 2018

So sorry to all those who have had trouble recently trying to install directly into Gauge. This release fixes issues with the change from HTTP to HTTPS.

Gauge won’t ask you to update automatically, I still need to fix that, so, either download the update and do it manually or the full installer.

Visit the gauge homepage for full details and download links.

What is Gauge?

Gauge is a Windows application that allows users to install and manage files download from PlanetPhillip.Com and It does not work with other websites, although single BSPs can be dragged and dropped onto the application window allowing the user to install the map to a game of their choice.

We have a large number of planned features but limited time and resources to develop them.

Video explaining the new features

Coming Soon.

What’s the header image about?

I have been using images of paintings by oil masters as the featured image of the posts for a few versions now. From the previous version a codename was given to each version, which matches a real painting. Not from now one – we just don’t update enough.

This image is Supper at Emmaus by Caravaggio (1601/2).


  1. brian C

    Still doesn’t work for me after this update……

    1. please try uninstalling and installing the full application.

      1. brian C

        That Did It Philip!! Thanks!..

  2. Oh BOI.

    This worked for me. Thank you!

  3. Uh, help? I’m trying to download Gauge, but it’s isn’t working.
    I am clickin download button, but nothing happens.

    1. Unq

      Try this direct link, perhaps:

      Gauge should generally still work, but it’s no longer supported so your mileage may vary, sorry.

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