for Half-Life 2

3rd June 2005

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

You and a garrison of rebel troops are holding down an important target to the combine forces and the combine will do anything to recover that position, hold that position at all costs. Conserve the supplies in your area, you will need use all of them.

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  1. CorB

    1 small square block map. Wave after wave of combine. Gets old quick! 4.0/10

  2. Fluffy the Hamster

    Number of Maps: 1
    Score: 3.5 out of 5
    Annoyance Rating: If the annoyance rating was a pimple, you’d have to cut off your head to get rid of it.
    Lighting: Comfortably bright. Think 4 PM in the middle of France.
    Architecture: Comfortably bleak, with broken walls and cars.
    Textures: Comfortably decent.
    New Models/Skins/Etc.: Comfortably no, no and nay.
    Gameplay: Comfortable bodies. Everywhere.

    I ate a toothpick. You, possibly Gordon “Half man, half lawn chair” Freeman, are charged with commanding a garrison of rebel troops to defend something important. What that is, you won’t ever know. Your pasty white scientist behind, probably.

    Ohhhh boy.

    Ever tried to get to the middle of a tootsie pop? They are f**king impossible. You have to smash the thing with a crowbar repeatedly to get the damn thing open!

    Welcome to Garrison, today’s *other* DTW map. You start your adventure on the Pain Train with a splash in the kiddy pool of your basement. It’s only 3 inches, but be careful of that deep end. Tis” a real doozy. In your basement is a huge stockpile of ammunition and weapons. A precurser to the thought of the amount of combine enemies you’ll be facing. The area you’ll be defending with the HEV plates on your preverbial backside is decently constructed to say the least. Broken walls, buildings and ruined cars litter the area. Combine forcefields stop you from leaving. The bastards.

    The first way to deal with a problem is to talk about it, so i’ll throw this out. This map is extremely hard. Harder then solid concrete hard. Harder then a 67 inch tetrahaedron of solid titanium hard. The Pain Train here will run you repeatedly into the ground harder then a well-toned female runs her foot repeatedly into your nether regions. Fortuantly, your rebel allies will aid you alot in your campaign to cause as much death and destruction as you can. Not only is it so god *(#@)!ING HARD, it also lasts for nearly an hour and a half. Expect to face huge amounts of combine soldiers rushing at you from all positions. They are everywhere! Coming out of every orfice! Woohoo! Jesus loves me again!

    The Combine will possibly throw everything that they have at you. Thousands of soldiers of all kinds will rush at you. Millions even. Leaving you to question how they managed to assimilate everyone in America just to die to a well-placed cap in the behind from the Gordmeister. Your allies are expendable too, as they respawn indefinetely until the later part of the map. Unlike most maps, you will indeed require your allies to fork over medkits in order for you to survive. Otherwise, you might as well suck your head up your own arse and eat the pavement.. Through the arsehole… Wait… I missed something here…

    It is not just soldiers! For variety’s sake, metropolice linger at the beginning. Scanners and manhacks are thrown in. A couple of helicopters, a dropship, a couple of APCs and a strider. Of the soldiers, you get all THREE flavours. Boring grey, exciting blue and holy crap thats inappropriate white. (Or if you are me, Master Chief, The Blue Men and Intergalactic Robot Marines). The whole thing is like eating Pineapple for three weeks, then having someone giving you mango pineapple for a change. Great. Lovely. I am going to eat your dreams.

    You may notice that this is a hell of a lot more detailed and properly constructed then The Bunker. Why did I give it a higher score? The Bunker only lasted for around 20 minutes. Garrison lasts nearly over an hour and is close to being impossible. Those two things together brings the score lower then you can *ever* imagine. Also, Garrison has a tendancy to making you wait for a loooong time for the enemy to attack.

    If you are a cheater, though, choose Garrison over The Bunker. Way more fun.

    Garrison is like a giant iced cake. You like eating it at first, but as you go through you really don’t want to go on any longer but daddy whips you on the back of the neck and keeps yelling at you to eat, but you really don’t want to and it’s all getting dull and you feel like throwing up and…

  3. Are you still with us Fluffy the Hamster?
    I think not but the comment was rather good.

    I played on easy but had to cheat after about 2/3rds of the map. This means the mapper won and I lost. Hat being eaten as I type.

    Loads of Combine – kill, Loads of Combine – kill. Repeat – keep on repeating. Dear me.

    Did I enjoy it? Yes. However, only because I now have a challenge.
    This is the first and only map or mod I have never beaten.
    I enjoy a challenge.

    I will beat this map without cheating. It will stay in my map list, like a thorn in my side, until I do.
    I’ll be back but no time soon.

  4. Play It Later

    Beat it! Wow, that was hard.
    It took 3 hours over 2 sessions. 1.1/2 hours in god mode to find out what happens and when.

    2 or 3 waves of metrocops.
    Several waves of Combine troops with APCs thrown in with one of the waves
    More Combine troops.
    Snipers (lots)
    Finishes with Combine Elite.
    All of this plus 3 or 4 waves of Manhacks.

    I don’t want to do a detailed spoiler for the sake of fellow combat tacticians.
    Music plays at the end of each bout and the announcer comes on at the start of the next bout.

    A few tips then. How I did it:
    Let the rebels take out the first bunch of Metrocops, do not engage.
    Before the next bunch, get to the red container atop the rubbish heap – the building between the rebel house and the container is protected by forcefields but you can jump through the windows.
    There you will find a nice little hollow in which to hunker down.
    Let the rebels take on the Combine but I gave them the occasional assist.
    You will need to dash about for ammo and take some fire. I did not return to the basement, just picked up what was lying around
    After the Gunship, return to the rebel building basement.
    The basement has the RPG ammo box + power ups and this is now your base of operations until the end of the map.

    That’s just the bare bones. There’s heaps more but you’ll enjoy finding out for yourselves.

    Why a PIL not a PIN. Firstly, you need to put the time aside to play the map because I think you need to do this in one session or you might lose the plot, I would. Secondly the mapping itself is not so good, especially by the red container. Not a game stopper at all but should have been done properly.

    The F6 and pause buttons are dear friends indeed.
    Good luck, I ended up the victor at 88/0 but still armed to the teeth.

  5. Play It Later

    Starts off fun, but at wave 3 or so, you are in the crossfire of 4 snipers, a gunship & vast hordes of combine_s rushing you, plus elites and swarms of manhacks and all the fun departs. Gets boring in God mode, but unless you hide somewhere, it’s pretty much the only way.

    There’s a few bugs. I don’t know if the “black veil” across the big gates behind the force field is intentional, I suspect so to hide the edges of the map, but lurking behind it is an annoying APC which fires rockets at you continuously. As Jasper notes, although there’s extensive use of invisible walls to keep you penned in it’s laughably easy to foil them by jumping through the window in the adjacent building so that you can wander around in the combine-only areas and walk through the “black veil” to destroy the annoying APC.

    The biggest bug is that in almost every wave, certain combine appearing in their hidden spawn-points do not advance, they simply stand there idling. Because these points are well behind the force fields & invisible walls, unless you noclip at the end of each wave (or jump through the window to get around the back of the map) and kill all of these lazy fellows, the next wave will not trigger and every one just stands around forever.

    Otherwise it’s ok for a bit of team assisted blasting for a while, but it’s not really worth the effort of seeing it through to the end. It is what it is; fun for the first couple of waves.

    1. Unq

      Recommendation was removed, you have to at least write a reaction or basic thoughts on the experience.

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