for Half-Life 2

5th January 2007

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

This is one of the very early SP releases that is almost a complete waste of time. The Author says “Fall like the best of them! Discover the secret and land safely!”

Basic Details
  • Title: Fall
  • File Name: hl2-sp-fall.7z
  • Size : 162.17kB
  • Author: Munden
  • Date Released: 24 November 2004
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Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
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  1. Mike S

    This is a must-see! :-p

  2. Fluffy The Hamster

    The hell? This is the oldest Single-player map in Half-Life 2 existence! It was the first single-player map ever made!

  3. Fluffy The Hamster

    Score: 0 out of 5.
    Annoyance Rating: Ah crap, my calculator exploded. Anyone know where my legs are?
    New Models/Skins/Etc.: You crack me up.
    Gameplay: A bad nightmare.

    Gordon “……Wibble..” Freeman appears randomly at the top of the insides of a tube-like structure made out of brick and falls to his death. Xtreme.

    This map made me want to die. To explain, this is what happens. You download the map, you load it. You crash. You load it again. You crash again. Repeat five times, then finally get it working. You appear at the top of a tube-like structure made out of brick and fall to your death. End of game. Restart. Crash five more times. Appear and fall onto the car and survive. Then crash. That was fun for 10 seconds.

    As much fun as having an 8 foot long sharp pole impaled into your genitals, and then being shocked with 370 volts of electricity, and then riding a bike with no seat down the highway moving at 90 miles an hour and slamming into a clown. Avoid like the black plague.

  4. Fluffy The Hamster

    Before anyone gets the idea of who the hell would produce this map, do note that this map appeared on Half-Life 2 files (www.hl2files.com) on the 24th of October, *2004* and was the first single-player half-life 2 map made for the website. It was thoroughly burned and the creator was presumably stripped naked and forced to waltz through central New York with a severe case of diarrhea, while being poked by a highly trained squad of midgets with tasers and having the ingredients of a quiche thrown at him by a flotilla of teenagers.

  5. He would be still better than me at making anything 🙁 By the way you have an extraordinary way of expresing yourself.It fits allmost into my liking)

  6. qm

    @Fuffy The Hamster: Is there any connection between you and “Silver Sorrow”?
    Man, I miss these gorgeous reviews of HL1 single player episodes on Hangar 16 …!

  7. Fluffy The Hamster

    There is a connection between me and Silver Sorrow. My format is somewhat cannabalized from his and my reviewing style is somewhat reminiscent of his, albeit with less celebrity jokes.

    I have all of his reviews copied down if you want them.

  8. A few seconds after this map has loaded I get an error message about too many vertices or something.

    Does anyone know how to get around this crash? For some reason I really want to play this map.

  9. I hear about this problem but defenetly one play this pitty release it’s not worth the waste of time

  10. Avoid It!

    I think there is this problem because it’s the highest map I ever seen, use buddha mode and don’t touch your mouse or noclip and you’ll could get down.

  11. Avoid It!

    Not worth the space on your computer

  12. Avoid It!

    Not even an experiment. Just a big pit where you fall several seconds, and if you’re lucky (or simply used console cheats) to survive such height, you’ll find a car without collisions. Yeah, that’s a secret mentioned by the creator in the description.

    Overall, don’t even play it.

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