Escape from Woomera

for Half-Life

26th March 2006

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Games Half Life 2 Doom 3 Far Cry Unreal UT2004 Quake Mods

Your country is in chaos. Death squads and gangs rule the streets. Your nearest relatives have been killed, and you fear you will be next. Selling your last possessions in exchange for passage on an unseaworthy vessel, you risk your life travelling across the world in search of a new beginning. But when you arrive, you are locked away in blatant defiance of UN laws. Those who have locked you away are acting illegally, but it is you who are treated as a criminal.

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Games Half Life 2 Doom 3 Far Cry Unreal UT2004 Quake Mods

As a detainee at the infamous Woomera Detention Centre, you have a limited period of time in which to try and gain asylum, or if all else fails, plan and execute your escape into an uncertain world beyond the razor-wire fence. Time, bureaucracy and the mind, body and spirit-sapping conditions of this harsh and unforgiving environment place are ranged against you. The only real weapon at your disposal is hope.

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Games Half Life 2 Doom 3 Far Cry Unreal UT2004 Quake Mods
Key Features
  • Play as any of a selection of detainee characters, each with their own special back-story, knowledge, capabilities, advantages and disadvantages.
  • Realistic detention camp environments based upon real world data.
  • Fiendish problems and puzzles to solve.
  • A selection of different objects to find and use.
  • Numerous NPCs (Non-Player Characters) representing detainees, guards and , detention centre staff, each with unique
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  1. Technoblue

    Its not really a mod that many people would understand. It was created out of anger at the Australian governments choices regarding the Woomera Detention centre. It was made by the Governments art department and was built on the Spirit of Half-life engine. It was an amazing transformation of the Half-life neginge into a story telling engine. Possibly one of the most uniqu mods I’ve seen. If your after guns and actions then I’m afraid that this mod is not for you. This mod, more or less, is just a simple Political statement.

  2. dufferx

    I ran this long ago and remember it as not much more than a walkabout.

  3. Thanks for the information Technoblue. I will add a note in the main description. It is time I considered having another Half-Life category for these types of maps I.E. ones that you are either a spectator (like the some of the contest maps from TWHL) or where there are no enemies to kill .

    Any suggestions for a category name and criteria?

  4. GanjaStar

    Interactive art is what I think the category name should be. If this mod is conveying some sort of message or political statement it surely qualifies it as a form of art. Its interactive since you can obviously directly affect the object in question. The spectator maps also fit this category since they closely resemble a movie experience and movies are art. So this is my suggestion. Dunno how many mods can be found with this kind of theme. If someone knows other mods like this please let me know.

  5. I’m not completely convinced that Interactive Art is the best name. Although it’s better than any of my thoughts. There a few other maps that simply you are in a cut scene but thet don’t allow you to interact with anything. I’ll give it a little more thought but I think something needs to be done to remove them from the normal fighting type maps and mods.

    HEY! perhaps that’s it. Non- Fighting category. Maps or mods where you don’t fight. How does that sound?

  6. GanjaStar

    Non fighting category works fine too. I have no problem with it, after all its your site :).Also, the cutscene only mods are called machinima if I am correct. So that category has already been made up. Check out the site if you want to see some other potential that good games have.

  7. I’m aware of machinima but it is very different from what we are talking about. It just uses game engines to make viewable movies. You are not IN the movie and you don’t need the game to view them.

  8. GanjaStar

    I see where you are coming from though its kind of the same… some machinima needs the game to run.. kind of like demo’s in quake 3 for example.These mods are too few and far between to so its difficult to categorize them. Btw, how do I possibly go about getting a permanent pic for this site? I really do like the one I just saw. I think it is the doom 3 most prevalent enemy, the demon. Could I please have it always? 🙂 pretty please

  9. Visit this page to learn how to get your own avatar:


    When you find the image you want right click on it and tell me the number of the image. I will remove it from the random list. THis means only you will have it. (Unless somebody else uses it in the gravatar system)

  10. The Abandoned Workshops

    No shooting in this mod, this mod offers some very good roleplay and doing tasks for NPCs and yourself. It also felt a bit like the Shenmue games, going around talking and gathering new information from people and talking to others and getting more. The mod is very fun to play through, lots of new items to get and new tasks to do and it’s got rid of the Half Life feel to it, so it feels like a brand new game which is quite rare to find sometimes. You must keep finding new stuff out before the red bars in the top left corner drop, the more info you get, they will recharge up, giving you more hope to survive and get out of there. Once it drops, you lose hope and fall into depression and later taken away.

    Very realistic with very well chosen textures, that work very well and aligned good. The skybox choice was perfect for the mod, and the atmosphere looked really hot. The ambience sounds added to the realism, I thought I was actually there. The interriors are designed very well, not too crampped, and looks very realistic, and the textures match and work well together.

    Excellent mod with a lot of atmosphere and realism, sure to keep you entertained.

    Rating: 84%

  11. Anon-00706
    Avoid It!

    poor mod…

  12. Fool

    So. I downloaded the file. And installed Half Life. But how can I intstall the mod? Could you please help me?

  13. Sengoku

    So. I downloaded the file. And installed Half Life. But how can I intstall the mod? Could you please help me?

    Unzip the file and copy the entire directory EscapeFromWoomera_v084 to c:/Half Life

    Open Half Life, select Custom Game, in the list appear this mod, activate it, confirm, play, select difficult level to 2, and …

    Enjoy !!!

  14. No fool anymore

    Thanks a lot!

  15. Doesn't work anyway...

    It doesn’t work anyway….I could activate the game. But when I want to start a “New Game” the message “could not load the libary C:\Half Life\EscapeFromWoomera_v084\cl_dlls/client.dll” an it hanged up.

    Can you help me one more time?

  16. TheRipper

    Works fine here, at least it starts up. What doesn’t seem to work though is the load/save. When you try to load a saved game it either crashes, or begins at the start. Also, you run out of time a bit quickly. This makes it unlikely I will ever finish it. From the splash screens I gather it’s a prototype, so it might be unfinished… It plays a bit like ‘longest journey” or ‘tombraider dark angel’.

  17. Mel
    Think Twice

    No game as such, just someone making a statement, not sure it should be listed under HL1, if you are looking for a playable mop/mod in the sprit of half-life this aren’t it.

  18. Hec
    Play It Later

    It’s interesting and I think it worths the effort, I was trying to play this one since I once seen it on Mod DB but for some reason I didn’t download it and installed it untill now, I found it in

    Keep in mind that here’s there is not combat at all and, the interesting thing about this mod, is that brings you a kind of reflexion along with it, puts you in the flesh of a poor terrified refugee stranded in a hostile territory, who wants just one thing, escape just to save his life, you have tokeep that in mind, and of you don’t like interactive mods then this is not for you.

    I think it worths the effort just because has some kind of social reflextion with it, and it was actually kind of entretaining for me, to look the right moves and the right paths in order to escape from there, also the hide and go last section was cool.

  19. Maybe?

    Hmmm… this one’s weird.
    Of course it’s no typical HL mod, it’s rather a total conversion which has nothing to do with the HL universe.
    As the other people here above alreasy explained what it’s about, there is no need to describe further.
    It just feels like a point & click adventure, but in 3D. There is a lot of talking with multiple choices. You ask questions, get answers.
    A diary reminds you of your progress and what you should do next to proceed.
    There’s also an inventory where you have to carry around several items which are needed to solve the game.
    Therefore it’s indeed like an adventure in a place without hope.

    I wouldn’t call it art, but I can understand Technoblue’s more detailed description about the main point of the mod.

    The design, environment is really unique and something special. There are new models, graphics and a unique interface.
    At first it was a bit confusing how to place the ID card at the board, but after some I figured it out. That was also the ahhhhh!-point, meaning from now on I could proceed quickly. You can’t get stuck in the game unless the red bar in the top-left drops to zero.
    It’s always obvious what to do, but how to manage the “problems” can be a bit tricky here.

    An odd thing was the main puzzle, to bring the pliers to Amir. I’m not sure if it’s necessary to really hide in the complex just as it should have been done. I accidently found a way to smuggle the pliers in a different way, which is…
    Being outside at the wall of the kitchen, I accidently clicked where to pliers are placed, and could get them while standing there!
    So there was no need to smuggle them outside, past the kitchen guard who’d have searched me for any not allowed items.
    After that, it just was backtracking to Amir, giving him the pliers and the game ended.[/spoiler]

    An annoying issue is the save system. Sometimes the game crashes and then you have to restart all over again. Or you’re put in the place where you really was saving, but without the knowledge you’ve already gathered by talking with the people. Oddly you still have the items, though.

    Game tips:

    Don’t change the defaults, otherwise interaction might not work properly.
    W,S,A and D is movement of course, for forward, backward, strafing left and right.
    Left-click people for opening a menu (talk, give items). Right-click anywhere else, will open your inventory and diary.
    Use mouse-wheel up or down to scroll through diary. Right-clicking again will close inventory & diary.
    To know if a place or item is interactive, a message will appear at the bottom of the screen when standing in front of it.
    Left-click then to open a menu, showing the options what you can do now. Left-click the option you want.

    Non-Player Characters (NPC’s):
    There’s no need to talk to everyone about every topic. The important NPC’s have names, while the most are nameless.
    So when you approach an NPC, standing close enough a text message will appear at the bottom, showing the name and how to interact with them.
    Click with the left mousebutton to open a menu, select the balloon to start talking with an NPC, use the normal number keys on your keyboard to select a topic. For example: press 1 for asking: “How you doing?”. You’ll then see the questions and answer at once.
    If you get an useful, important information you’ll hear a sound (bell ringing). This means you’ve progressed in the game.

    Check your automatically updating diary often (right-click anytime at a non-interactive place) to know what to do next.
    Of course the diary only auto-updates when you did something important about the game, like getting an useful information.

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