Could this replace the gaming mouse?

7th November 2004

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I found a gadget at Think Geek that with some adaptation could replace the mouse for gaming. Yes, this one is still a mouse, but wait until you hear what I have planned for it. Why not simply make it into a gun-shaped mouse? The trigger finger could have two buttons; the trigger itself and another that is pressed instead of pulled. The three fingers could each have buttons with maybe clips to keep the fingertips in place. And lastly the thumb could definitely have a button and maybe a wheel.


Not only could it replace the mouse but also add a few new features. Maybe a quick flick to the left becomes a reload, although that may not work very well.

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Games

However there is definitely a downside and that is the psychological effect of holding a gun instead of using a mouse.I don’t feel violent when moving a mouse but I may if I hold a gun. Another problem may be tiredness. Holding you arm out for a few hours would certainly be difficult.

Publishers Dream

Of course somebody needs to build a few prototypes and test them to death. A few players may love them in which case publishers could make a new gun to resemble the one used in the game.

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Games

Assuming it’s not too realistic because that would be a problem. I can just imagine having a gun rack next to my PC with the different guns for each game. Of course the real scary thing is when they release a flak cannon or sniper rifle!


  1. Nice, I want one too. Wonder how easy it would be to play games with.

  2. Passerby

    They claim it’s excellent for FPS – and I can see that, as the way you grip it is a much more natural way to point (i.e. aim) at things, even if it’s not quite the same as gripping a pistol.

    I’m particularly interested in the general ergonomic aspects as I basically live behind my computer.

    Unfortunately it appears that those of us outside Korea still have to wait a while for the wireless version to become available… When it hits Yurp I hope to be one of the first to have one.

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