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Half-Life mods. These are generally installed by copying a folder to your Halfe-Life folder, within your Steam Installation. These mods can not use MapTap.

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Headcrab Boss

for Half-Life

The mighty and dangerous Headcrab Boss awaits you in the next room.

Collect your weapons and steady your heart for a long and arduous fight.

Only the careful will survive.

One hit from it will kill you.


Total Downloads: 7253rd May 2015
8 Comments and 6 recommendations, 2 say "Maybe?"

Half-Life: Visitors

for Half-Life

You play the young lawyer Dr. Alan Green, who was sent to the desert as a safety evaluator to carry out a safety report of Black Mesa.

After a brief walk towards your temporary office you suddenly find yourself in a situation you are not prepared for.

Can you use what you have around you to escape this nightmare?


Total Downloads: 5,2011st May 2015
46 Comments and 14 recommendations, most say "Play It Now!"

Marine Invasion: Episode 1

for Half-Life

Collect your gear and suit up.

Face possibly the largest number of enemies you have ever seen.

Survive until you die in the radioactive goo.

This mod was originally released with Episode and a bonus Opposing Force map on THWL. I have chosen to release each episode and the bonus map separately.


Total Downloads: 77829th April 2015
9 Comments and 5 recommendations, most say "Maybe?"


for Half-Life

You seem to have been kidnapped and are being kept in a bunker, guarded by zombies.

As you affect your escape, you enter dream-like states, where reality and fantasy mix.

Keep a clear head and focus on your objective and you may just escape.


Total Downloads: 76228th April 2015
5 Comments and 5 recommendations, say ""

Half-Life Point Blank – Stackdeath Complex

for Half-Life

Starting with no weapons and no idea where you should go, you need to stay alive long enough to figure what to do.

There is no story and no sense to any of the areas, but that’s that not the point of this mappack.

It’s to use your skill to reach the end.

Only the strong will survive, Spartans would love this challenge.


Total Downloads: 1,01727th April 2015
8 Comments and 4 recommendations, 2 say "Play It Later"

Absolute Redemption

for Half-Life

It was written in the ancient scrolls of Xian that, during the last Crelat of Xen time, a portal would be opened between two universes and a being would cross the void and cause the second re-birth of Nihilanth, and all Xen would be drained of their lifeblood, their knowledge.

And that, in this time, the Xen race would be oppressed by the armies from the far side of the portal.

It was also written that once the portal was opened, a human known as “Freeman” would cross the galactic transverse into Xen space, and set free the three sacred Telnorps, the guardians of the gate who had been captured from the ancient enemies of the Xen, the Zan from the Theldran galaxy.

And so it was that the prophecy came to pass, and the weakened Xen were powerless to resist an onslaught from the Zan. In the dawn of the first Ashaan of Xen time, the elders of the high council sanctioned an uneasy alliance with the perpetrators of the impending disaster, the Human race, in order to restore the sacred telnorps, and thus sealing the Zan gateway… forever.

The ambassador of the Alien Investigation Unit on earth was called upon to “redeem” the situation by employing the use of the very individual who had inadvertently caused the situation…

This is April’s Classic of the Month mod.


Total Downloads: 9,98219th April 2015
71 Comments and 26 recommendations, 11 say "Play It Now!"

Saving Santa

for Half-Life

There’s been a revolt at the South Pole!

The elves have taken Santa Claus hostage and are making outrageous demands.

If you don’t rescue him, the Christmas could be cancelled forever.

Think of the children!

Save him.

Made for one of TWHL’s Secret Santa events.


Total Downloads: 1,08113th April 2015
9 Comments and 7 recommendations, most say "Play It Later"