BreenGelina! Are the rumours true?

25th August 2010

In shock news today we hear that Brad Pitt has been dumped by Angelina Jolie, but the news doesn’t stop there, oh no!

Apparently Angelina has been having an affair behind Brad’s well oiled and muscular back, with none other than City 17’s incredible Dr. Breen.

Having realized that the Universal Union’s surprise appearance on Earth is actually a good thing, Angelina decided that she would do whatever was necessary for the benefit of mankind. Thus, making Doctor Breen happy was the least she could do.

Whilst it hasn’t been officially confirmed, sources closed to the couple say they can be seen holding hands when they think nobody is looking.

In other Celebrity news, Lindsey Lohan has been sentenced to 3 years hard labour in Nova Prospekt. We can’t wait for her return.

Also in the spotlight is Judith Mossman, who has sadly announced her divorce to well-known city 17 sportsman “Lion Forrest”. They cite irreconcilable difference.

There an no children involved and the only assets were one unopened food package (Pre-Oliver) and a white polar neck jumper. The City 17 Times wishes them both the best.

And finally this week, City 17 Times is looking for a photographer to join our hard working and under-appreciated staff. If you think you have what it takes, can work to a 2 hour deadline on Tuesdays, and are good with photo-manipulation, then please contact Phillip.

What better way to help your City than to bring its news to the Citizens?

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  1. “Apparently Angelina has been having an affair ……….with none other than City 17’s incredible Dr. Breen”.

    I beg you pardon.
    Angelina been seen with both Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne.
    Indeed, the word on the street is that that she was deciding between metamorphosing into Supergirl or Bat’s Lady.
    All this in just the last couple of days,

    Disgraceful rumourmongering City 17 times, disgraceful.
    Either that or she’s busier than she ought to be. 😀

  2. This is sheer madness ! Madness I say !

  3. fishlips dumped Bradly?…LOL..

  4. She’s after his money….lol

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