August 2018 – General Chat

1st August 2018

I just looked at the July 2018 General Chat post and it talks about it raining. Guess what? It’s raining now. I just got back from my bike ride and was absolutely soaked – I love it!

So here we are August. I’ve got some things planned for the site, updates etc and hopefully some HL1 mapping too. I’ll try to start and finish one game as well.

What about you, what do you have planned?

OH, starting this month, I will be embedding the Half-Life Art and Half-Life Proverbs tweets into the comments of this post. Mostly for those people who don’t use Twitter.

Can you guess the name of the mod shown in the image above? It’s called Capital Punishment. I can’t link to it in a spoiler, so you will have to search the site for it.


    1. Roy

      Never give a crowbar to man who can’t dance.

  1. Damn you Phillip, with those Mesa Challenges! Now I have to get a PC that’s good enough to play the game…

    Also, what do you guys think about the recently found ‘HL3’ icon from the recent leak? I want to believe it’s genuine….

    1. I haven’t seen anything about the icon. Got a link?


        Here’s a Reddit post that also includes VNN’s video on the subject. What do you think?

  2. Im making a mod and im halfway through. But i dont want to work on it anymore i just feel lazy. Any other mappers got that feeling too? And how can i overcome this

    1. Sometimes I get that feeling when I want to make videos in GMod. One day, I could make like 50 secs of content (which is A LOT to me) and then do nothing on the next month. I’m honestly still trying to find a cure for this. Sometimes being interested in other things helps (books, movies etc.).

    2. Take a break? Do something completely different to what you normally do to relax. Visit a place you’ve been to before.

  3. Roy
    Your 50 Sourcey Days of Summer Event

    This event is good for me. I have already played most of the highest rated mods, so I’m getting to see new stuff.

    If you want, how about randomize the AR5 and AR4 ones, pick X number and have another event in the fall or winter or sometime. It doesn’t matter if they have been promoted before to me.

    Anyway, just an idea. I’m sure you want to up your work load. Ha-ha.

    1. I hope to have other events in the future.

  4. Well, my only real plan was to get my car fixed, but that’s been pushed back and back and now it’s likely to be mentioned in my September General Chat comment as well ¬_¬

    Otherwise, I’ve really caught the mapping bug again recently and I am pushing myself to work on The Core. I’ve not really felt like doing anything recently and I’ve spent more time on Reddit that I have gaming it seems.

    Back to my normal gaming habits now though and naturally have little to no time to actually do anything. Woo!

    1. I thought you had bought a new car?

      Anyway, good to hear you are back to mapping.

      1. I do have a new car. Somebody drove into it about 4 weeks after I got it… Been trying to get the door fixed since.

  5. Roy just displayed Happy Steam Birthday, roy! Your Steam account is 13 years old today. I joined to play the Half-Life 2 CD-ROM that I had just picked up in Comp-USA. I still had to wait a couple of days as it had to update on dial-up internet.

    I didn’t join up at the beginning, just when I had to have Half-Life 2. Before that I used the CD-ROM version of Half-Life 1.

    How many games are you still playing after that much time? Well, Half-Life 1, sometimes Duke Nukem, Doom or Quake, but it seems the Half-Life series has the most staying power.

  6. So…I have to ask a question. Why is the Source engine’s ladder system seems to be disliked? I never have a problem with it. I saw it mentioned in Zero Punctuation and TV Tropes.

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