1. Blizzard made a april fools joke. Of course I didn’t fall for it…

    League of Legends had a joke too, increasing crit and removing cooldown for all abilities n stuff.

    Most importantly of all: Do NOT believe anything related to Valve.

    So what are everyone playing right now? I am playing Torchlight 2 and highly recommend it if you like fast-paced games, its really a blast. Literally.

  2. Am off to see the new Captain America movie in a few hours.
    Am very excited… there are two showings.. one in 3D at 8pm and one in 2D at 8.40pm… better to stay up late and see it in 2D in my opinion.

    Am I just old or is 3D unneccessary and distracting?

    1. Yep… Captain America 2 kicked ass as expected…
      All actioned out…

    2. About 5 minutes into most 3D movies I’ve seen I just stop noticing the 3Dness. The only exception that comes to mind is Piranha 3D though I wouldn’t really recommend that one.

  3. It depends on the content.

  4. myindia

    thanks for this info

  5. So far no mod I have downloaded works. I am installing the mods in my Steam sourcemods folder. I am getting a whitescreen with sound or an error message saying cannot load client library. Any help?

  6. Ade

    http://www.planetphillip.com/posts/get-mods-working/ I posted last, try replacing the FileSystem section of your gameinfo.txt with that (or any of the solutions in the original post)

  7. JG

    Interlopers is hosting an HL2 mapping competition now. The theme is “The Forgotten Journey.” Basically, the objective is to make a new location that fits the Half-Life 2 universe, but isn’t a place we’ve actually been. Think Lost Coast.

    Probably won’t enter it myself, but heads up if you are interested.


  8. Hec

    Hey Phillip, I found out you voice-acted “malcom’s” voice in the Chapter 1 of Underhell mod. By the way, what an impressive, ambitious project and amazing mod.

    Was a great voice acting Phillip, congratulations, hope yo may release Underhell here in Pp.com someday so we can discuss about it.


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