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GameRadio Idea

Introduction There’s something different about listening to music on a radio rather than a normal system. I’m not talking about the sound produced but the psychology behind it. The fact that somebody else is choosing the music for you, the fact that maybe you will be introduced to something new that perhaps you wouldn’t normally… Read More

26th September 2006 4 Comments

Financial Models For FPS Games

The introduction of Steam and episodic content has changed the way we buy games and I thought I’d take a quick look at some financial models within the gaming industry and see whether they would work for FPS games. Standard Retail Box Out of all the options available this is my favourite. I like having… Read More

24th September 2006 7 Comments


for Half-Life 2

About A single player level for Half-Life 2. Your mission is to infiltrate a Combine lab. in a city. It’s the author’s first single player level. Reader Recommendations Avoid It! Think Twice Maybe Play It Later Play It Now! 1 recommendation, average score: 3 (out of 5), standard deviation: 0 (what's that?)


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Setup Gameplay Idea

About I have an idea that’s not fully formed but I want to present it to you now, so please bear with me while I try to explain it. I want to say that it probably isn’t feasible until the A.I. of the enemy becomes much better and doesn’t need paths and lots of code… Read More

19th September 2006 7 Comments

Veikko Complex

for Half-Life 2

About A couple of single player Half-Life 2 maps. The setting is industrial without a Combine soldier in sight, you get Headcrads and Zombies, though! There’s only a few weapons and very little ammo. Reader Recommendations Avoid It! Think Twice Maybe Play It Later Play It Now! 3 recommendations, average score: 2.67 (out of 5),… Read More


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Street 6

for Half-Life 2

About This is an abandoned level that deserves more attention. You should note that there are some textures missing and a few other minor issues but it was only ever released as a beta anyway. Reader Recommendations Avoid It! Think Twice Maybe Play It Later Play It Now! 1 recommendation, average score: 5 (out of… Read More


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Saw Life

for Half-Life 2

About “It is based in a house that you mysteriously wake up in..and the apparent owner of the house has a little sinister game for you…the puzzles in this map are quite hard (There are clues lying around, but you need to look carefully!) and the best of it is…you only have 30 (Real life… Read More


Total Downloads: 2,04516th September 2006
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Prison B1

for Half-Life 2

About This a small single player map for Half-life 2 in a night time setting. There are indoor and outdoor environments with default textures and background music. Reader RecommendationsCurrently there are no recommendations

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Editing Tutorials Rant

I’m Frustrated “Why?”, I hear you cry. Well, I have wanted to learn to map and create mods for a long time but I finding good resources is proving impossible. “But there are plenty of websites that cover tutorials etc!”. Yes, you are right but it’s not quantity that matters but quality. I’m going to… Read More

14th September 2006 15 Comments

Transfer Your Consciousness

About This is a gameplay mod idea where you can jump from one player to another. Allow me to explain further. Imagine you are playing a game and in this game you never play a particular character. You can jump between any players you want to but you can’t die. If you die then the… Read More

14th September 2006 9 Comments