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Jan Garber

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6 May 2016




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I'm 56 and I like all the half-life games and some mods.
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I have steam so I have most of the H-L mods available there.

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  1. The whole C&C series
  2. Call of Duty series


  1. I have a bunch for Half-Life series

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Latest 25 Comments
11 Dec 2017 Half-Life 2: Aftermath Installed it and it stops loading on the third screen where it loads the map. I have both require...
09 Sep 2017 Superbus Via Inscientiae That was the problem, Thanks.
09 Sep 2017 Superbus Via Inscientiae I found 3 handles for the 4 switches in the large room. Has anyone found a fourth?
21 Jul 2016 CSS SCI-Fi 3: Hardwired will this work with counter strike source? I installed the package and the open works fine, but ...
21 Jul 2016 Forward Motion It would be nice if there was a walkthrough vid for this updated version. I didn't see one at all...
18 Jun 2016 Episode 3: The Closure I finished the Mod yesterday. I really enjoyed it. I thought a few of the cut scenes were unneces...
18 Jun 2016 Leon's Coastline to Atmosphere I found out the problem was I didn't have the updated version of the mod. I downloaded the updat...
09 Jun 2016 Human Error Tried this fix ((
09 Jun 2016 Human Error I'm having the same problem!
08 Jun 2016 Human Error I tried fixing the local caches on the source software and HL2 still getting same error.
08 Jun 2016 Human Error installed but getting error: Can''t find background image/console/startup _loading.vtf
08 Jun 2016 Leon's Coastline to Atmosphere can't get this mod to run at all in steam. everything is installed but no luck.
07 May 2016 Introduce Yourself I'm Jan (yes I am a male)an older player I'm almost 57. I live just south of Atlanta. Like some o...
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