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25 Oct 2017 Street Hazard "Street Hazard" is a great map pack, which is practically a mod in its own right. I will first ou...
26 Jun 2017 Venatura I am torn between Maybe? and Play it later on this one. For a map being created in seven day...
03 Apr 2017 Aurora: Reinstated This mod is way too short for it to be interesting or tell a story. You work your way through a s...
01 Apr 2017 DefendVilleTwo As in every review I did so far, I attempted to complete the maps on 'hard' difficulty, and w...
23 Feb 2017 DefendVilleTwo Ah, so that is why I have to go look for enemies after I've found the NPC I need to protect. Inde...
23 Feb 2017 Minerva I’ve played Minerva several times before but never completed the mod until last year. This revi...
10 Jan 2017 Hard!Ville AKA HardVille I spotted Hardville quite a while after its release; I couldn't vote any longer. I immediately de...
10 Jan 2017 Hard!Ville AKA HardVille Philip, can you delete the above review? I made the mistake of adding a per-map recommendation i...
14 Nov 2016 Fast Detect I noticed an error in my information: I installed this via Steam, not Gauge/maptap; sorry for the...
14 Nov 2016 Fast Detect Playing “Fast Detect” felt like reading a book that is presented as a graphical novel, and findin...
13 Apr 2016 Leon's Coastline to Atmosphere I get stuck in the 'tripping' section because I get killed after falling through the floor. Aft...
13 Apr 2016 Strider Mountain I decided to play and review this mod because I've seen it mentioned so many times. When I read t...
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