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22 Mar 2014 Forest Train Pros: - great environmental design - properly voiced and even lip-synced NPCs - use of space...
22 Mar 2014 Forest Train Looks like after last Ep. 2 autoupdate 1226 files went missing somehow. :/ Oh well, I fixed it an...
21 Mar 2014 Forest Train I haven't found a proper place to ask so I posted it here. Yes, I get this message while tryin...
21 Mar 2014 Forest Train Technicall offtopic: I get "Failed to launch (missing executable)". I tried to redownload archiv...
22 Jun 2012 ElevatorVille and won it together: Miiga's map is more polished in a classic way (I got feel from it and btw...
12 Jun 2012 Half-Life: Unforeseen Consequences Phillip your Replay Experience looks strangely suspicious - as a warm up before release of Black ...
29 Apr 2012 Poll Question 272 - Which would you prefer to see in a new SP mod? I hope adult themes includes not just nude models? They are for cynical, adult (!) point of view ...
29 Apr 2012 G String Beta This is lovechild. I won't say much because many said everything about details before. Don't ...
17 Apr 2012 Poll Question 270 - Are you a big-mod snob? No way I'm a big mods snob I just hate to use maps via console. So go MapTap 2, go!
26 Feb 2012 Dissolution I wonder why it took so long before it gets here at Plannetphillip. Oh well... Once again I just ...
22 Feb 2012 Water Well it's finally at Planetphillip! Gotta say I even did a Russian translation for this wonderful...
13 Feb 2011 Call In One step away from perfection. Cons: sometimes boring until you got the data. Zombies is also no...
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