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Latest 25 Comments
04 Nov 2014 November 2014 General Chat I have a question. I used to manually load maps and mods from this site with no problems for quit...
24 Dec 2010 The Citizen 2 I thought it was too good to be true. Al new mod on Xmas Mod loads slowly till three quarters don...
31 Aug 2010 Nightmare House 2 I played this mod a few days ago and have to say I thougt it excellent. It is properly thought ou...
17 Jul 2010 Slums 2 Extended I must add my voice to the others who say they really enjoyed playing this mod. I appreciate the ...
17 Jul 2010 Das Roboss Excellent mod. Professionally done.
01 May 2010 Get A Life I have to take back my previous statement. As "Evee" points out the development team have a forum...
20 Apr 2010 Get A Life I guess I will have to join the throng of people who can't get this one to run. I get an HL2.exe ...
05 Apr 2010 Too Many Crates I have solved the problem of why this mod would not open for me. I need to read the instructions ...
05 Apr 2010 City 7: Toronto Conflict I can only add my voice to those who have expressed their enjoyment of this mod. Several new and ...
28 Mar 2010 Unexpected Conclusion Well, with everyone's help I finally finished it. Jasper, I "noclipped" out of the warehouse then...
27 Mar 2010 Unexpected Conclusion i am not sure if this is the right place to ask this and I apologise if it is not but why can I n...
27 Mar 2010 Unexpected Conclusion I am stuck in the warehouse and cannot get the overhead door to work. I think it would be image 3...
05 Mar 2010 Redox I played it through on medium and thought it was excellent. Moody, atmospheric settings combined ...
25 Feb 2010 Paranoia Abstract Thanks for getting back to a fellow 'sufferer'. Yes, I did find that item you mentioned and inter...
23 Feb 2010 Paranoia Abstract Ok, I admit I am getting more dumb/blind as I get older but I am stuck in the upside down house a...
23 Feb 2010 Explosions 2 Definitely different and, for me, definitely annoying. I hesitate to denigrate someone's efforts ...
23 Feb 2010 Too Many Crates Sure,most do just fine. Both maps and mods. Explosion 2 opened OK - I can't figure it out but it ...
22 Feb 2010 Too Many Crates Unzipped the folder as usual into the source mods directory but appears to be playing electronic ...
18 Feb 2010 Too Many Crates Are the installation instructions correct ?
08 Feb 2010 Union Downloaded and unzipped the files (Winrar) where the readme file indicated in Ep2 maps and graphs...
01 Feb 2010 Leon's Coastline to Atmosphere Help please. I am stuck during Map 9 the "hallucination" part. I am standing behind Dr. Breen on ...
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