Xen Rebels

for Half-Life

13th March 2003

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

Basic Details
  • Title: Xen Rebels
  • File Name: hl1-sp-xen-rebels.7z
  • Original File Names: xenreb.zip, xenrebels.zip
  • Size : 12.9Mb
  • Author: Karl Jones
  • Date Released: 11 March 2003
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  1. Mel

    Anyone managed to play this mod? I get it installed and it comes up in the customer menu then seems to click ok through the setting options only to kick out with a Half Life Launching error message.

    Help, is there anyone out there?

  2. It crashed during loading the first level. But I thought I played this mod someone before…

  3. piledriver

    Tried everything I know with both files. No success at all. Have emailed the author for info.

  4. Handy Vandal
    Avoid It!

    Hello, Xen Rebels mod leader here.I just want to say that Xen Rebels was a good idea that never got very far. It had a few new features, but not enough to make it really interesting. And there were bugs in the code, grr.To be honest, I wouldn’t bother trying to play it.

  5. HL Masta

    I’m checking if it’s buggy or not.

  6. Anon-00581
    Play It Now!

    Ok… It’s not buggy.

  7. TheRipper
    Avoid It!

    Crashes with every “new game” or “hazard course’…

  8. Is that so? I never would have guessed from the previous comments and the authors own opinion.

  9. Gonome

    It it singleplayer mod?

  10. Play It Later

    It’s not quite a singleplayer game, it’s a some kind of match against monsters. Fun to play a bit in singleplayer mode or in multiplayer. But for singleplayer game maps should be started manually via console. I have played it using Xash3D Engine and all works fine, only saved games can not be loaded, but it’s normal, because of the mod’s conception – you don’t need to save/load, just kill monsters until they haven’t kill you 🙂 (or until they haven’t destroy the fungus which you should guard).

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