Week 19

13th May 2016

Secondly, Darren will be continuing his The Ville Retrospective event and this week it’s the turn of BeginningVille starting at 1pm UK Time on Saturday (GMT+1).

Secondly, Phillip will be streaming his first practice mapping session, which is part of The Level Design Academy which has already posted the first session online. The exact day and time of Phillip’s stream will be tweeted. It’s most likely to be Saturday afternoon but he might also stream on Sunday too.

During Darren’s stream one copy of Bad Rats: the Rats’ Revenge will be given away courtesy of Aaron’s SteamContests.com, so a huge thanks to him and his site – go check it out to have a chance to win more games.

You should double check the Time & Date.Com website for your local time. Please note the UK is not on GMT during the summer, so use 1pm UK or London time to check the stream time in your time zone.

All streams will be on the RTSL Twitch Channel and announced on the RTSL Twitter Feed.

If you have any questions about the streams, just ask.


  1. Working on my map, but I need some help

    I’m quite familiar with the input/output system, understanding how to make entities interact with one another, and I’m experienced enough to create rough events.

    But I’d like to hear how to create AND/OR/NOR input/output events. The VALVe page is extremely complicated and it seems overly difficult – is there an easier to way to make input gates?

    1. OJJ

      Use math_counters for AND, whatever object you want to give an output of make it add to the math_counter which gives an output if it is given its set maximum or minimum legal value, OR can be done just by giving inputs directly and NOR… hmmm…, I think it can be done by making both switches add 1 to the counter and subtracting 1 from the counter depending on their state and having an output for when the counter hits 2 to disable the output of just 1 being active.

      Atleast that’s how I do them currently, not sure if that’s what the supposed correct way is.

      1. Yeah thanks, I just read up on the math counter. It’s a bit gimmicky, but with some logical thinking it’ll work.


  2. OJJ

    oh noo, Bad Rats

    1. baufinanzierung

      Jubiiii – tak fordi du deler ud! Er sÃ¥ skønt.. Jeg vil i gang – skønt at have ferie, sÃ¥ man har tid til at lege med garn 🙂

  3. Got a busy weekend coming up, but I’ll try and catch the streams when I can.

  4. kinnijup

    dayum son, nice!

  5. Unq

    Please note I updated the post – Daz is streaming at 1pm UK/London time, THIS IS NOT GREENWICH MEAN TIME!!

    This has become a pet peeve of mine, since I totally missed one of Darren’s streams due to time zone confusion. The UK is NOT on GMT in the summer!

  6. Hey – there’s no where else to ask so I’ll ask here..

    I’m looking for a list of .vcd scene files for Episode 1 & 2

    There’s a list for Half-Life 2 here – https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Half-Life_2_Scenes_List but I can’t seem to find anything for episode 1 & 2

    Anyone have any ideas?


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