Week 14: Livestream Schedule and Giveaways

6th April 2016

There are no planned streams this weekend.

Sorry about that.

Maybe one of the streamers might decide to stream something but that’s up to them.

I am away in London, hence the featured image background, so there will not be any streams from me either.

Have a great weekend and remember: PLAY, PLAY PLAY!



  1. You better ask permission before you come sidling into my town buddy!

    1. Why would I ask permission to come to a place I own? London is in my blood, the good and the bad.

      Anyway, I thought about messaging you and Darren and organizing a coffee but I’m only there for 72 hours and my GF said “No meet ups”. So it will have to wait until August when I am there for a bit longer.

        1. Must be, but how would he say that to Philip?

        2. Awww bummer… yeah would have been fun…

  2. After playing so much csgo , I read the last part as ‘ CYKA ‘ . I need helppppp …

    1. Happened to me too all time , every conversation ended with cyka instead of cya , glad I got over it 😀

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