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7th April 2006

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Basic Details
  • Title: War Mod
  • File Name: hl1-sp-war.7z
  • Original File Name: war-install.zip
  • Size : 18.6Mb
  • Author: Adama Magiery
  • Date Released: 01 June 2003
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  1. dougjp

    Its an exe file, which I installed to Sierra/Half-life, which must be wrong? Any ideas?

  2. dougjp

    OK, to install, before executing the exe, first create a folder “war” in Sierra/Half-life, install it there.

    Interesting map, quite difficult in spots. Bugs include doors that sometimes open, sometimes not. I eventually end up in a room with two garage doors and a machine gun turret in the middle above, unable to open anything there or elsewhere. Am I missing something or is the map incomplete? Fun while it lasted.

  3. Brain

    I also can’t finish the map, because at the end map I can’t find the way out. Mayber the mod is incomplete. Are there any patches or new version?

  4. No, not to my knowledge. What you see is what you get! Sorry.

  5. Gameplay & Leveldesign
    This is a very good mod! Not really outstanding, but very fluent and fun to play although not really rememorable. It starts easy (after every small enemy you’ll found a medkit) but later on I constantly run on around 25 health trough hordes of zombies and grunts positioned at dastarding places. Later on you will revisit a small episode from the original Half-Life. Near the end you will find yourself fighting grunts and a Apache-helicopter in a huge bank-lobby while listening to matrix-music. Don’t ask me. There is also some times the option to run from combat and progress (but maybe you’ll miss some powerups that way!) anyways.
    This mod features some excellent brushwork but the lightning isn’t that great technically (No texture-lightning). Optically it’s just as nice as the design. Some scripted sequences fit into the environment as well. There is not much to complain, perhaps missing innovations aside from counterstrike-textures. Sad point: the mod ends abrupt with no hint, the level looks like not finished if you noclip around after searching an entire hour for any exits. But there is not real story, so you won’t suffer too much.

    I enjoyed this mod, appearently I am not the kind of player who enjoys hard battles without much health… but anyhow I liked the styles of the map enough to play trough. You should not only play this mod, if you are desperately looking for some though action, but also if you like beautiful environments.

  6. TheRipper

    So what do I do in map a1b1, the first map? I take the crowbar from the shed, I find some batteries. Useless since I don’t have the suit. Then I try to use the barrel to get on the roof of the shed, but that doesn’t work, it’s too high. What am I missing here?

  7. Ade

    The barrel was standing on some wood.. break it 😉
    You really have to stop quiting so easy 😀 just look around a bit more, try the crowbar on more things (roofs and floors, not just walls or windows and doors); try to use what you have etc.

  8. TheRipper

    Allright thanks. I’ve gone on now. But I find this mod very uninteresting. I’m getting bored with fighting a barrage of grunts in good tactical position (them!), throwing two grenades at a time, at 10% health. The architecture and stuff is also very moderate. This is for people who like hard fighting mods, because that’s all it’s got.

  9. Müjdat Kurtman

    What I must do in the truck place, I go near truck but anything is not happening. 🙁 On the next door, automated camera gun attacks me. What I must do here?!

  10. Ade
    Play It Later

    It’s hard at first, but gets easier and you get from 13% to 100% health, eventually ;))
    I enjoyed this mod a while back, couldn’t say for sure why, I just liked the gameplay and the environments / mapping. The only bug is the doors not opening, but they will open if you reload the map (by going to another one and back or just by loading a quick save).
    I also got stuck at the same place you all did, I just thought I’m missing something but I’ve checked the maps folder and it seems a1b9 is the last one, indeed (noclip doesn’t always work for me).
    It’s an old school mod, even if it says 2006, and I enjoyed replaying it as much as I enjoyed playing it, but it’s nothing memorable, as Noel said.
    I would give it a “Think twice..” but this mod deserves a little more attention than that.
    And just as I was giving it a “Consider it..” I thought the same thing :)) so:

  11. Well i`m playing this mod now and i`m on the beginning so far this mod is H A R D!!!!!Just one shot of those marines will kill you:)i`m constantly on 50 health ore below.But I will continue to play because of the nice maps and environments and the good gameplay(you need strategy for every fight)

  12. andrej

    What I must do in the truck place, I go near truck but anything is not happening. 🙁 On the next door, automated camera gun attacks me. What I must do here?!

    That is the end of the mod noclip around and you`ll see that there is nothing else

  13. MacPhisto
    Play It Later

    This mod may not be as spectacular as the big projects like “Azure Sheep” etc, but it’s a quite entertaining gaming experience. What I like the most: this is focused on action, the way it is supposed to be. You don’t get stuck every ten minutes or get killed without warning. Plus it isn’t to difficult – but neither is it to easy. There aren’t a lot of new or modified features, but the maps are excellent and fun to play – oldschool action fans have to get this!

  14. Hmpf Phillip, either fix that Filecloud download link or giev new please! Haven’t played it and ratings were good :O

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