Two Half-Lifes

24th December 2006


My second entry for the contest. You can visit that page and see the other articles. You can’t vote for this one yet because it hasn’t been added.

Half-Life is too accurate a name!

Back in 2001 I was a big Unreal fan. I had downloaded as many maps as I could find and had played most of them. I had heard about a game called Half-Life and knew that it also had some expansion packs (or so I thought). I was reluctant to play another game because I was so hooked on Unreal.

Eventually I decide to take the plunge and buy the game. Little did I know how much my life was about to change. From the moment the screen brightened to reveal the transit train journey I have been absolutely immersed in the Half-Life world. I still remember hearing her voice and explaining about Black Mesa.

I wanted that ride to go on and on. I was almost disappointed when it stopped and I realized I had to get off. But boy am I glad I did. Never before had a game, book or film managed to capture my attention so completely.

From that day forth I have been under its spell. Much has been written about why Half-Life is such a special game and I’m not going to repeat it here, suffice to say that it will remain the best game ever made. How can I be so sure? Well, the first time of anything (yes, even that!) can be special and often the emotions surrounding the event add to the pleasure of the event itself. Who remembers the second or third time of anything?

So why is the name too accurate? Because from playing the game onwards my life was split into two areas: the game and everything else. In reality I have two Half-Lifes! (sic)


  1. Ha! I’m more sick than you!

    I only have the half-life half.

  2. Yes you are a (sic)bastard lol.j/k
    I’m similar but hated the train ride(to long).I thought it could of used a more sexy voice but maybe I’m just gettin horny.The half life story is an icon these days among gamers and will continue to be untill its over,which I think would be a bad thing.(poll maybe?).The bonus of HL was its story even thou you never really new what your mission was.Your mission is to get out but the game never says that.That keeps the player occupied.

    OFFTOPIC INFO: for anyone that would like to see their name on the screen just edit the “titles.txt” file in your valve folder but remember you cant distribute that.

  3. Haha I did the text thing once, all my personal data in the freeman’s profile, it was fun the first time, but then I realized I had too much free time and no life at all.

    Now if you excuse me, I’m going to cry in the shower.

  4. LOL afro-dude. I think you would be good to play against online. so contact phillip about playing co-op.I realise it wont be HL2 but there are some extremely good HL1 mods out there.

    Now that I think about it there are more good mods for HL1 than HL2.Of course time will tell.

  5. I’m a hardcore HL1 fan, that’s becasue my system (more videocard, yes it’s onboard :P) can’t run HL2 but as soon as I get a better card I shall buy Hl2 at all costs (I mean, Black Mesa Source man!)

    Anyway, I’m here to review as many mods as I can, english is not my native language so, sorry if something is misspelled or ofensive (in the wrong way)

    Merry Christmas.

  6. What card do you have?What country are you from?I may be able to help you out.(seriously)

  7. I forgot to add my email addy


    (hopes phillip dont get mad at that)

  8. Now you’re scaring me man 🙁

    I’m from Mexico, and my card is a prosavage DDR 32MB onboard as I previously stated, but seriously, don’t worry about it :).

    No further details as I’m protecting my anonymity.


  9. Dunno what you may of done in the past or future but I do have a card I can send you free of charge thats better than that.I dont care to know anyone’s identity.I just live on the Mod experience and if I can help others play a game its good for me.

  10. I already sent an e-mail to you.

    I can’t be more grateful.

  11. andyb, will you marry me? 😉

  12. You know I now think I see the benefit of having some kind of IM system on PP!!

    andyb: that email address is cool!

    Please keep the comments back on topic.

  13. Oh, yes, well, you are sick (lol).

    I found your article to be very cool, this kind of comments make planetphillip what it is: phillip!

    Keep it up man.

  14. Ezequielhl

    Yes, Phillip, I suffer the same syndrome or whatever :P.

    This game is the best thing happened to me. There’s nothing more important (except my family, of course is all I have) than this game. I’m a proud sick-sucker of Half Life. I played lot of mods and map-packs enough to say “well, now I’ll play only the good ones”. Maybe the last thing I said is not from a “true fan”, but… who can play all the creepy-effortless maps some people release?

    They call this game “Half Life” for the physics theory or whatever? HAHAHA… for me is my life splited in two: Half Life/ The rest of things.

    PD: sorry for my awful english; Afro Dude, your english is better than me ^^.

  15. Zockopa

    I also played Unreal before Ii played Half-Life and experienced the same thing like Phillip, just in early 1999 and not in 2001.

    I like Unreal very much but personally I think Half-Life is simply the better game – not because it has better graphics – in fact it has far worse graphics than Unreal – but the game mechanics the level design and how the story unfolds was uniquely well done.

    The whole game is perfectly tuned to give a challenging, crisp play that not only depends on quick reflexes. Half-Life is exactly what Warren Spector said: The best game on rails ever done. For me Half-Life holds this title to this day, cause even the sequel couldn’t even scratch the level of its masterful prequel.

  16. Passerbyinsearchofacoolnickforthenewyear

    I have many times (after having once and for all uninstalled it from my PC, deleted the numerous directories of mods and maps and purged my bookmarks of 10fours, Planetphillips and ModDbs)stood holding that now faded orange CD-ROM with my hand hovering over the trashcan and my mind set to maximum willpower…

    But I’ve never been able to do it.

    If you don’t see me around for a while, you’ll know what my New Year’s resolution has once again become 😉

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