The Corridor – Mod Story Idea

21st October 2004

Story Ideas for Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Mods, like Half Life and Unreal.

Story Intro
A suited man walks towards the security reception area, pauses at the desk while the guard checks his ID.
“Morning Mr Johnson, you’re in early today”.
“Yeah, got a lot of database reconfiguration to do”.
He continues past the desk and towards a lift. As the doors open a female voice announces:

“Welcome to the Black Mesa Distributed Knowledge Section. Please have your ID ready for the security guard when exiting the elevator”.
It continued to babble away about safety and a chess tournament but the man lost interest. Today was an anniversary; he had made this journey down the lift and into his office for a kiloday. 1024 times in almost three years. Brian Johnson didn’t think like other people, he viewed things differently. His world was based on numbers. He viewed coding computer applications in the same way other viewed sculpturing or painting. It was creation, creation from nothing.

Story Ideas for Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Mods, like Half Life and Unreal.

After gaining clearance to his department he began walking across the small lounge where his colleagues would waste their time drinking Coke and talking about cars or women. He knew something wrong straight away but took a moment to realise what it was. A new door had been installed next to the drinks machine. Finding work had been done during the night was not unusual, repainting, cabling, lighting etc. But a new door, that led to who knew where, well that was unusual!

Every door in Black Mesa was supposed to have a code on to identify it in an emergency, this one didn’t. Curiosity finally got the better of him and he walked toward the door and opened it. The longest corridor he had ever seen greeted him. About 40 metres along the corridor he could see a man in a dark suit carrying a brief case. He called out to him “Excuse me, but…”Too late he was gone, into one of the many doors located along its length. Brian Johnson turned around and decided to just go to his office and worry about the door and corridor later. He was in for a very big surprise, the door would not open, and in fact there was not even a handle on this side of the door! It looked like he needs to do some exploring.

Story Ideas for Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Mods, like Half Life and Unreal.

I tried to build a character in the short intro. The idea was to have a playing character that views things slightly differently from a normal office worker because they are about to have the adventure of their lives and they need to be special. The gameplay would revolve around entering the rooms that lead off this corridor. I had thought that the G-man set everything up as a test for the character. The idea being that sometimes normal people have extraordinary qualities, where as army commandos just follow orders and lack imagination. Eventually the player reaches the G-man's office and is offered a job. If he declines his finds himself back in his office just before the notorious Black Mesa incident.

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  1. I like this, but I think about things as I read these descriptors and CAN’t help

    How about this: …

    Only he can see the door. Some one next to the drink machine slotting quarters says “what are you talking about” when he asks him about this door.. He shrugs and opens the door.. takes a few steps and when he turns around the door isn’t locked..IT’s GONE! And where it was is a mirror image of the corridor the stretches on.. He can’t even see the end of it. And so it starts.. As for finding himself back in the office should he decide to not explore… at the end (should he make it out alive) he wakes up on the couch in his office… It was all a dream.. or was it?

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