The Arena: Room 1

for Half-Life

7th June 2006

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

This map is to be the first of hopefully many ‘puzzle maps,’ as they seem to be quite successful. Each ‘room’ will contain about 6 challenges, as does this one.

Please contact the author with any ideas for later puzzles, He is hoping for about 6-10 maps in all, and doesn’t want to run out of good ideas! You will of course earn you name in the readme and credits.

Basic Details
  • Title: The Arena Room 1
  • File Name: hl1-sp-the-arena-room-1.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 303.56kB
  • Author: Alexb911
  • Date Released: 19 November 2005
  • Homepage: TWHL Thread
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Think Twice

1 Comment

  1. Think Twice

    This is one calls itself a “puzzle map” but in reality, is more like a bunch of different trials or challenges, mostly platforming ones, the concept kinda reminds me of “The Trap”, though at the time of writing this, I haven’t played that mod yet

    First of all, the map looks bad, although the focus should be on the challenges, right? Well, they suck too, the first one is about jumping through some crates in a pool of acid, the crates move up and down at different speeds but all of them do it so fast that you don’t have time to plan a strategy, you just jump through them and hope for the best, next, one where the objective is to avoid getting crushed by some hammers, but the best strategy is to just run like mad at the right time to not get hit, next comes one part where you have to go across a room with a lot of barnacles on the ceiling and on a slippery floor, this one was easy, just annoying when you bounce off a wall and get caught by one of them

    Next, one of the most annoying but at the same time the one I liked the most if it were done better, you have to jump on some platforms that rotate very quickly, while jumping between them with careful timing to not fall to the pit, next, moving lasers, though this trial was the easiest so far, I beat it on my first try without even trying, and finally, the leap of faith, where you have to jump on an invisible platform on what appears to be a bottomless pit

    Overall, I liked the concept, and I wish there would be more challenges, I found many of them annoying though, so with a nice difficulty and length rebalance this mod has the potential to be awesome, right now, I can’t really recommend, but it’s worth a try if you are bored

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