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Absolute Redemption

for Half-Life

It was written in the ancient scrolls of Xian that, during the last Crelat of Xen time, a portal would be opened between two universes and a being would cross the void and cause the second re-birth of Nihilanth, and all Xen would be drained of their lifeblood, their knowledge.

And that, in this time, the Xen race would be oppressed by the armies from the far side of the portal.

It was also written that once the portal was opened, a human known as “Freeman” would cross the galactic transverse into Xen space, and set free the three sacred Telnorps, the guardians of the gate who had been captured from the ancient enemies of the Xen, the Zan from the Theldran galaxy.

And so it was that the prophecy came to pass, and the weakened Xen were powerless to resist an onslaught from the Zan. In the dawn of the first Ashaan of Xen time, the elders of the high council sanctioned an uneasy alliance with the perpetrators of the impending disaster, the Human race, in order to restore the sacred telnorps, and thus sealing the Zan gateway… forever.

The ambassador of the Alien Investigation Unit on earth was called upon to “redeem” the situation by employing the use of the very individual who had inadvertently caused the situation…

This is April’s Classic of the Month mod.


Total Downloads: 13,01419th April 2015
78 Comments and 32 recommendations with no significant bias


for Half-Life

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

At the end of Half-Life, you had the choice to work for the GMan or to take a little lethal trip with some really nasty travel companions. After all you had done since the first accident in the test lab of the Black Mesa complex you really didn’t want to die now in some stupid way so you accepted the proposal, hoping secretly that you would have another occasion to screw up this strange man with his little briefcase.


Total Downloads: 2,5292nd August 2011
32 Comments and 20 recommendations, 8 say "Maybe?"

Azure Sheep

for Half-Life

Azure Sheep is a single player mod for Half-Life. You play one of the security guards that is on duty in one of the entrances of the Black Mesa facility. When the chaos starts you realise that Kate, your colleague, code name Azure Sheep, is in the complex and in big danger. You decide to rescue her!

The Story
Barney is a security guard, well Barney at the moment is just Barney, or, well, Just Barney, because with all the recent mess at Black Mesa he can’t remember his name. Just Barney didn’t want to be a security guard but, you know life.

However, he had a secret dream, he was writing a novel and…but well that is another story. Barney has another dream: to become a hero and rescue a princess, nothing more. Now, when the big mess occurred, he was in the first security post of Black Mesa and a colleague of him, Kate, (codename Azure Sheep) seems to be trapped in. Barney will go and try to rescue her, what an occasion…


Total Downloads: 16,4003rd September 2001
96 Comments and 33 recommendations, most really enjoyed it!