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for Half-Life 2

Author’s Note “As a single player, you will enter an alternate level in the Half Life 2 universe. Your objective is to reach the scientist that the Combine is holding. As the player, you will have to traverse through a zombie infested sewer and destroy the combine in order to get to your objective” Reader… Read More


Total Downloads: 58730th November 2007
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The Cage

for Half-Life 2

About A simple linear map where you simply have to follow the instructions on the screen. The design document seems much more detailed than the released level. I’m guessing that it was part of a larger plan. Basic Details Title: The Cage File Name: hl2-sp-the-cage.7z Size : 3.98MB Author: Bill Adams Date Released: 26 March… Read More


Total Downloads: 58520th September 2007
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