Seeing in the Dark

31st January 2005

We had another brief power-cut last night, which reminds me I need to buy a UPS, and as I was walking around the flat I was reminded of how the human eye has better light perception at 30/45 degrees from the centre. Meaning if you want to see things in the dark it’s better to look at them out of the corner of your eye.


This may be an interesting feature to add to a game in a level where there are low levels of light. I suppose it would be a case dividing the screen into three equal columns and slightly blurring the middle column. Remember this is only in the dark and I don’t think the player should be told explicitly that this is happening; let them work it out for themselves!

Carrots Anyone?

On a light-hearted note perhaps there could be carrots within the game that the player can eat, without giving a boost to his health, but later on helps him see in the dark! However on a serious note I do think that this type of concept need to be introduced into games, where collecting seemly random items actually has an affect later on.

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