RunThinkShootLiveVille Podcast

2nd February 2015

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Myself, Alastair, Nicole and Darren discuss the RunThinkShootLiveVille mod.

We talk about each map in detail and Alastair and Nicole go a little deeper into their maps

I wonder if you will agree with our assessment of each map? Only one way to find out!

Nicole has kindly agreed to release her source files for her entry. They can be downloaded here: runthinkshoot_voec_ressources.rar

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  1. JG

    Thanks to all for the great podcast.

    Really interesting to learn how the skybox was used in the second level of Run Shoot Live. Very clever!

  2. Unq

    Yeah, great discussion. Always great to hear other mappers’ techniques and critiques.

    Now, Alastair just needs a decent mic. 🙂

    1. I know I do 😛
      Glad people enjoyed listening anyway!

      1. A USB mic might be the easiest solution. I have a basic one and it’s ok. In fact, my proper mic (AKG Perception 120) is also USB.

  3. I don’t have much to comment on, but like the others I very much enjoyed listening to the podcast. It’s great to hear other map makers opinions on other people’s maps as well as their own.

  4. I’m curious since Daz mentioned that he tends to map from reference images were the entrants maps inspired by or referencing anything in particular?

    Also on the subject of Half Lifes DNA what were the mappers favorite moments from the Half Life series?

    1. For previous competitions I have usually created something from scractch without much direct reference. This time though my map had a couple of inspirations. A trip to Chamonix last year definitely influenced the building on the mountaintop, so things like the walkways around the edge were based on some photos I had. As well as that, the game 007 Nightfire can take credit for inspiring the cable car ride. Of course the fact that Half-Life 3 will supposedly have an Arctic setting, and that there are unused snow textures in the game files contributed too. It seemed like something that would be fun to try out!

      It’s so hard to pick good moments from the games, there are just too many! I’ve always loved the Coast chapters for the atmosphere and how they allowed for lots of optional extra gameplay. The map that Phillip mentioned where the bridge becomes a see-saw is also one of my favourites, where the map flows through lots of areas beneath the bridge as you try to get to the car. I think Jim Partridge made a video about this one. Including story moments and Half-Life 1 makes it even more difficult to pick!

    2. One of the biggest influence for my map was the movie “Synecdoche, New York” (which is one of my favorite movies, I am still amazed and struck whenever I watch it). Very much in the feel and subtone. And especially in the way that all the environments feel like movie / theater-sets with fake walls and only half constructed partially and many wooden bare-bone structures and all seems a bit off.
      Also the big warehouse type building you start in at the second Run. Think. Shoot. map (the one after the fake credits) is directly inspired by the movie, because I love the design of it, the idea of a fake world inside a warehouse/set that sort of gets a life of it’s own.

      Another influence was also possibly the 1950s style test chambers from Portal 2. I think this shows especially in the Think section. I really like the textures of those sections in Portal 2 with the old school lab, wooden feel.

      As for my favorite moments from the series I would have to possibly say the whole Highway 17 chapter, especially the bridge. I loved driving along the coastline ocasionally stoping at some old abandoned buildings which all sort of had their own eerie personality to them and did an amazing job at telling stories through their environment. And it all had a great mix and flow to it.
      Like at one point you stealthily snipe a combine camp only to then drive in all guns blazing move from house to house working through the architecture of each one until it is all clear to then try to solve a puzzle in that environment to proceed and continue with the car.

      This is one that springs to my mind immediately, but I guess after posting this comment I’ll think of ten more that are all just as great. 🙂

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