Red Alert

for Half-Life

27th August 2005

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The Red Alert expansion is set in the well-known Half Life universe.
The main hero is Hordon Freeman, who has come to snowy, cold, dangerous Syberia to stop teleportation experiments being conducted by Russian scientists. The mod features unique cold-war crisis atmosphere, strong and interesting storyline, lots of features and totally-conversed gameplay.

Features list:
  • About 45 different weapons
  • Inventory, night vision, optical cloaking system
  • Lots of new enemies
  • Approximately 40 to 50 levels
  • Mirrors, fog, particles etc.
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  1. Brian

    I downloaded Red Alert and enjoy it greatly but am stuck. I noticed you mentioned a cloaking device maybe thats what I need now as at the last level change all my weapons are gone.Don’t know how to activate it or even if I have it. Any help would be appreciated ! I don’t know if you’ve played this mod or not but I see some real promise in this one!

  2. ForceFist

    Maybe you should check in options. The controls are there

  3. Travis

    I got to that part and I dont see how its posible. I had to use cheats. And even with cheats its hard. I dont know why it takes all your guns but even with cheats there is know way that I know of to get your guns back. And one more thing DONT go in the options to change the controls. I tried and none of the controls show up, and if you try to change some thing the controls wont even work.

  4. Heyzors

    Yea this mod was really good until that part. Then it sucks from then on. You do get 1 other weapon eventually, but not much ammo for it.

  5. jontym

    How do you access the console once your in the game?. the ~ key isnt doin anything and there’s no red alert launcher to edit in the folder

  6. jontym

    Sorted the console thing out, but that aint helped me much, I’m at that same bit where you lose all your weapons, I dont know how you use the cloaking device so did the notarget on the console where I reached a big room full of turrets and zombies found another rifle but once you kill everything there is nowhere else to go and you cannot backtrack without noclip, I am begging anyone for some help with this cos despite this particular section its a fantastic game and it seems like theres quite a bit to go yet too.

  7. HELP!! I can’t get past the first part – after you get the crowbar!

  8. Where there are the 3 lasers run jump and duck so you go through the middle one that is partially broken.

  9. I’m completely stumped as what to do next after I pass that first set of lasers and clear out the control booth. Any help would be very appreciated.

  10. Goddess – I had to walk around and around until I eventually picked up a pistol and a crowbar.


    Just after the triple laser doohickey, when you get to two big doors that can’t be opened, there’s some boxes in the corner. Look for a small box of explosive. I couldn’t get it to change back to the pistol so I just gave it a bit of nudge nudge with the old crowbar.

  11. Avoid It!

    Turns out you’re not supposed to be able to walk through the lasers so that spoiler won’t help you.

    Every time I start a new game I get a different combination of bugs. I think this mod is too buggy to be playable.

  12. Ade

    i had a very hard time going through the lasers.. until a point where I got stuck.. if indeed there are other ways to get further, I haven’t found them, plus my video card sux… too bad for all the work to build this mod, it really looked like a cool one

  13. Jumbles, Ade:

    Thank you both for your assistance. My patience got the best of me but I am determined to persevere.

  14. Avoid It!

    I took my patience, gave it a good wink wink, wrapped it in a ball and cheerfully chucked it out the window. I usually don’t give up that easily on these, but after encountering numerous bugs in the first few levels, it just wasn’t fun to play.

    I now truly believe there should be a new recommendation graphic called DESTROY IT!

  15. Hello there and let me tell you that you have one of the best websites I ever seen! I am a man
    with passion about collecting mods of any kind of game and you make my life easier for the mods you have here.

  16. Maybe?

    Well this game personally I didn’t like it at all. I am very dissapointed. BUT who tells that you cannnot enjoy the game otherwise? Because the game is bad dosen’t mean also the weapons of the game are bad but excellent! The Rpg is totaly different by skin and ammo(50 rockets),there is 3 kinds of shotguns,4 kinds of pistols,the hornet gun is 35 bullets instead of 8 with new skin!!! Just play the mod and use the console to play it in original half-life by using his map like c1a1. About the weapons you cannot enable them with the impulse 101 cheat and supposly there is 45 weapons which only about 22-25 weapons I managed to found(because is a demo version) So if anyone intresting to tell him the weapons name let me now.

  17. Storm

    Hi, I’m stuck at the very beginning. I’ve got through the first laser beams, moved a lever and pressed the button in the office, but I’ve no clue what to do next, how to deactivate the second laser barrier. Could you help me guys? Thx in advance.

  18. Gilfrarry

    If I remember correctly I never got those lasers off, I just jumped until I got through. Sometimes you’re killed, sometimes not. It helps to hurry.

  19. To pass the second laser barrier you have to destroy the laser wire to your left with the crowbar(you hit it in the middle),when you go in
    you take the pistol of the dead guard but beware there is another zombie so DON’t use the pistol!! Kill it with the crowbar.In the area there is a room with 2 switches which you cannot enter.But the are is an exploding barrel between the iron boxes so shoot it,go there and you will see that the floor is cracked,use the crowbar to destroy the floor and enter in. They will be about 3 headcraps so kill them again with the crowbar,after a while you will reach in one area with 3 panels,destroy the panel with the pistol(the one which is alone).Now you have access to the room with the 2 switches go in and take the ammo for the pistol and enable THE SECOND SWITCH with the red letters.Go to the open door and you will see that there is another laser barrier(actually is alarm barrier).Step in and you will hear the sounds of 2 floor turrets, 1 to the left and 1 to the right at the end of the room.Equip your pistol destroy 1 turret with the secondary attack and quickly
    back off,reload and destroy the second turret with the same way.Use the right button to have access to the HEV suit,if it dosen’t open take your crowbar and destroy one of the glasses to take the suit.Go back to the room again the use the left switch,2 zombies will appear so if you have ammo kill them with the pistol, otherwise crowbar.

  20. Here is the weapon name list of the game by using the cheat “‘give weapon_'” code:

    ak = ak47
    akb = ak47 black
    glock = 17 bullet pistol
    python = 357 magnum revolver
    silencer = usb pistol with silencer
    de = desert eagle
    minigun = <–
    akimbo = double mac10 uzi
    shotgun = <–
    spas = other shotgun
    usas = automatic shotgun
    lopata = shovel
    rpg = automatic rocket launcher
    svd = sniper
    m4 = maverick
    snark = 30 instead of 15 snarks
    tripmine = <–
    satchel = <–
    egon = laser type
    gauss = laser type
    handgrenade = <–
    crowbar = <–
    crossbow = <–
    mp5 = standard half-life weapon with differrent skin
    hornetgun = 35 instead of 8 bullets, one of the most deadliest weapon of the game

  21. Mel
    Play It Later

    Mixed views on this Russian effort. A very good game spoiled a bit by a few bugs in the later levels. I will rank it 4/5 but would have preferred 3.5/5.

  22. EddieLee

    A prior post indicated there was a “cloaking” control option. I’m playing on Half Life 1.1, not Steam, so I have full access to the controls and I don’t see any item associated with “cloaking’. Can someone help me out here since once all weapons are taken away essentially the game is unplayable — unless there is some type of “cloaking” device or control I cannot find.


  23. Gilfrarry

    I suspect the cloaking device is the notarget cheat.

  24. Ade
    Avoid It!

    I had the mod’s install file but I don’t know why, because I’ve played this a while ago and never finished. Although it may not be the same.. this one says Xpantion. Anywayz, since then, my RAM and processor were updated, so I gave it another go, even though my video card still sux.
    gasoline instead of hev batteries
    secret places
    nice new textures, sounds, enemies AND weapons (including a shovel lol), too bad you don’t get to use them all
    the weapons have ammo status
    a radio
    cool mapping
    the snow and the dog howling – pretty immersive
    cool visual effect after drinking.. something
    a barney/zombie that shoots ya
    There’s no flashlight indicator
    quite hard in the beginning, which can put people off. Thanx, Nightmarekiller, for the little walkthrough
    at some point you have to jump into a level change, or you get stuck
    crawling under a laser beam one time got me walking lower than the floor level.
    panels that don’t explode unless shot at an EXACT point (until you guess it, you walk around thinking you’re stuck). Quick note: this mod’s puzzles are about electricity panels, mostly.
    no autosaves
    mega zombies that require TWO clips
    sometimes guns won’t reload automatically when a clip is over
    no weapons after a certain point (I used notarget)
    several doors won’t open the first time round. Others will open 1 time out of 50, like the one where we all got stuck. And this is where I stopped.
    All in all, I got to check new weapons and shoot panels in a buggy environment. Couldn’t follow the story, because it wasn’t in English, up to the no weapons part, I think.Since I haven’t reached the end, I feel my time has been wasted, but not entirely. If you want, you can give it a try, but be warned, there’s a major bug in the room with the baby crabs which will probably stop you from going any further, which is why I’m rating it “Too buggy”.

  25. Juan

    When I download the file, the message: “Can not open this package installation.” The file is corrupt? I have downloaded the file several times and always see the same error. Help please.

    1. Yes, it looks like the file is corrupt, sorry about that. I’ll look for my local copy and re-upload it. I’ll post a comment when it’s online.

  26. Gilfrarry

    Try here until Phillip fixes the FF link.

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