Poll Question 262 – How often do you try the Steam “Free Weekend” promotions?

18th February 2012

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

As I finished a map just now, up popped the Steam window trying to sell me stuff, which is frightfully annoying, and the frontpage was the COD MW3 Free Weekend.

I have never tried one of these promotions and wondered how many of you have.

It’s a very good idea and I am awfully curious to know how many actually buy the game afterwards.

What about you, do you try them?

Time to Vote!


  1. Hec

    Well sometimes, there I got the L4D 1&2 in an offer, the SimCity4, and the CS1 games so I took advantage of it, i’m thinking in getting the COD MW3 maybe with that current offer now.

    1. I am thinking more about whether you played the games first.

  2. MisterAddy

    I would like to try out all the free weekends but my internet connection means it will take around two days just to download most of them!

  3. Unq

    Voted “Sometimes” although I suppose it might have only been once. I tried Unreal Tournament 3. I did end up buying it, but much later during the holiday sale where they had the whole Unreal set of games for a good price (and most of that purchase was for UT99 and UT2004 nostalgia anyway).

    I would have tried Modern Warfare 3 this weekend, but I wanted to check out the single player (free weekend is MP only).

  4. Derbler

    I’m not trying MW3 because all hollywood big budget shooters have really felt like the same stuff to me, rehashed over and over. I’d like to check out the singleplayer campaign but this free weekend was multiplayer only, so no thanks.

  5. I think this is an interesting way to lure in potential buyers. It certainly helps demo multiplayer games.

    I know that I was interested in playing Brink when I saw the trailers and the concept but due to it’s multiplayer focus I wasn’t sure if I could justify purchasing it just because the concept was interesting. When I saw the free weekend, I decided to give it a try and found out that it wasn’t exactly how I imagined it. I was quite disappointed because it had looked quite promising but lacked replayablity only having 5-6 unique maps to play on. In fact, I could easily say that just the free weekend was enough to satisfy my interest in the game. Needless to say, I saved my self some money that day.

    I would only do this if I was interested in playing the game because downloading can take some time in itself. In the case of MW3, I think I would prefer to use my bandwidth and time on something with more substance.

  6. demSwitches

    MW3 is great. I got addicted real quick to it. I bought mine from NCIX 2 weeks ago for $40. Just watch out for annoying little kids, but the chances of meeting them are rare. That’s the beauty of PC, less mic talkers. 🙂

  7. I think that is how I got into Red Orchestra years ago. Now I am in a tanking clan in “Darkest Hour”, which I play just about every day.

  8. smod_adik

    the cod mw1-3 sp campaigns is simply awesome iF….I mean IF………..you’re a true tactical type fps gamer who loves real life guns, a cheesy plot and non of that sci fi stuff.
    …and definitely steam will do lots of ways to lure people to play other games so true hl fans will stop begging for any light about episode 3 LoL!
    yet sp players should avoid this unless you want to get beat-up by hackers/cheaters or those pesky fps pros of cod as they will hack such free weekend games. I rarely enjoy playing mp and most of the time I only play them with bots and still the bots will beat me up LoL!
    well not really but it’s really a hit or miss playing on cleaner servers when it comes to mp games for me.

  9. Soylent Bacon

    Once. I was convinced to buy Killing Floor after playing on its Level Up free weekend back in 2009. I think any other free weekends has either been uninteresting or for a game I already owned.

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