Poll Question 248 – Do you take a break after playing long mods or games?

5th November 2011

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

I’ve just finished a really long and great book. I feel a little relieved that I have finished it, but also sad because the story has finished, at least for the time being.

As much as I love reading I couldn’t start a new book for a few days, even a short one – I need time to “digest” what I have just experienced. I need time to look for the plot holes and consider the actions of the protagonists.

In short, I need to let go of the universe I was just immersed in.

It doesn’t happen often but I do feel the same after some games and even less often mods. Sometimes you need time to assimilate that experience and take a deep breath.

The length of the break depends on how emotionally attached I was to the book, game, film etc.

That said, it wasn’t like that with Portal 2. But definitely with Episode 2. Even if Ep3 had been available when I finished the game, I am not sure I would have wanted to plunge straight into the next adventure. Do you know what I mean?

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  1. Soylent Bacon

    I take a break because the conclusive feel makes it a comfortable stopping point for my gaming session. I wouldn’t say sadness has anything to do with it, unless the ending was disappointing. I’m just satisfied with having just enjoyed a good, long game or mod.

    I do kind of get what you’re talking about with the end of Episode 2 though. It’s the kind of emotional cliffhanger where a break is better to let it sink in, as opposed to walking through a few minutes of characters” reactions and then jumping back into the action.

    1. as opposed to walking through a few minutes of characters” reactions and then jumping back into the action.

      Exactly. Even within the same series, sometimes it’s good to let everything sink in.

  2. I had to vote no! I’m the same with books, when I finish a Terry Pratchett book I’m champing at the bit to read the next one.

    Now if someone could make a mod with Terry Pratchett style humour I’d be very happy (Phillip would be great as the voice of Corporal Nobby Nobbs!)

  3. Kyo

    Yes, sometimes. The longer the game, the more this is true. You have to cleanse your mental palate first before diving into the next adventure.

  4. Hec

    Well sometimes, but I think for me that deppends more on whats available to play, most of the times are short maps and moddies, but not a really long one has appeard so is not common to wait or rest for me between mods, there is allways something to play. and probably always will be something to play, specially because I also play addons campaings for L4D2. which commonly u play them fast and there are some pretty good out there, also they are sometimes way too much more accesible and vast than HL mods.
    When I play a LONG GAME, thats a different story, there I like to rest some few days but is not common to rest betwen mods in my case.

  5. I find it depends on how immersed I was in the game’s/mod’s universe and if there is a form of continuation of that immersion.

    If I’m really immersed in a game’s universe (same goes for any other entertainment medium) then I feel reluctant to leave it and I will try to find the next instalment to keep me immersed. Unfortunately, not everything has a sequel so at that point I need to take a break and detach myself from the universe before I feel comfortable playing something else.

    If I didn’t feel terribly immersed then I just move to the next thing when time permits.

    1. That’s well put. It’s very unusual that we are lucky enough to get so deeply immersed and then be able to continue with the next in the series.

    2. Kyo

      I find another good ramp down strategy for that is to browse the Internet and find a wiki for the game, if one exists. In a game with a detailed plot, characters and setting, it can fill in a lot of details you may not have noticed while playing. 🙂

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