Poll Question 247 – Do you talk to yourself during SP games and mods?

29th October 2011

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

I move around a lot when I play video games.

In fact, once or twice, I’ve nearly fallen off my chair as I twist and turn in an effort to avoid a rocket or some other projectile.

I’m guessing that’s pretty common, but the other day I noticed myself actually talking while playing.

Now that may not seem too strange, but I am talking about an SP mod. No MP and trash team talking for me. It was just me in the house, so I can’t even claim I was describing what I was doing.

I suppose this sort of thing is quite normal for Let’s Play style videos and even some Beta tests but I do wonder how prevalent it is in normal play.

In fact, it’s time to find out!

The Poll


  1. Bramblepath

    Yes, but mostly “F*^KING HELL!”, etc.

    I also tend to mumble a lot, but I don’t tend to actually talk much.

  2. As far as I am aware I don’t talk when I’m playing, but I do occasionally move (other than my hands on the keyboard and mouse).

    It would be interesting to see a game where part of your interaction was to actually talk to the other characters, at times it could be useful to tell squad member’s to “shut the £*%! up and get out of my way!”

  3. galocza

    its only cussing but I guess it counts.

  4. Noface

    Recently I saw something in a game look like a massive monster I DID NOT EXPECT was coming and I said to my self.. “What the f***”. But it was just an explosion 🙁

  5. Derbler

    mostly profanity

  6. Bradley

    I only talk when somebody is watching what I’m doing, even in MP games.

    I only really move in the sort of game where you die in like three hits or something (like SMOD Tactical) and say I pop around the corner and see a soldier, I flinch a bit trying to avoid death.

  7. Herr_Alien

    “Amnesia – The Dark Descent” got a WTF! out of me. So far. Probably more to come. But otherwise, I manage to stay silent.

  8. Ha-ha-ha you got me with that rocket thing. It happened to me too at the very start of my gaming experience but now it happens only in rare occasions. Mostly when I catched by surprise.
    I also remember to move joystick around to “help” my avatar do the jump. It happened when I had SegaMD. 😀

  9. Zekiran

    Oh god yes. I yell and scream, comment and give snide remarks, shoot off a variety of curses, and generally enjoy talking back to the people who say things.

    In City of Heroes, NPCs that you save from muggings or whatever thank you or comment on your costume, and one of them says, “I hope my kid grows up to be just like you!” … But I’m usually in some freakishly scary costume/species and say right back, “you WANT your child to be a radioactive alien crocodile creature?!”

  10. Hec

    Wish there was “sometimes” option, because to move and talk in the game session like crazy the mod or game must be really good and give great environment to make me move or get 100 percent into it.

  11. Anon_289185

    God Yes!

    Isnt it normal to reply to Alyx?? LOL!

  12. I talk to myself all the time when playing games (That being said I talk to myself a lot just generally). Most of time it’s just some form of profanity when things aren’t going my way. Sometimes it’s just me thinking out aloud. I also sometimes like to rely to what in-game characters have said to me if I’m really getting into the game.

    Which sort of make me wonder how long it will be before we have games where we can have a proper conversation with in-game characters like we do in the real world, not just with predetermined questions and replies. I think that would be a new level of immersion. I would love to just sit down and talk to rebel or even a vortigaunt to find out more about the world’s happenings.

  13. A I

    I voted “yes, I do” because I’m not a team player! never have been, even in the military(USArmy), I don’t do well with,squads or others dragging around! I know on the screen they don’t hear me, but I keep telling them “get outta the way!” It’s too bad there is no voice recognition in the games!! 🙂

  14. Cyo

    I’ve started to create Let’s Plays, so it’s a bit normal for me to practice even then.

    I also did that before I even started, so take it as you will.

  15. Kyo

    Y’know, I didn’t use to talk very much when playing games. But I think with the advent of Left 4 Dead and playing on Xbox Live over voicechat with friends, I’ve started to talk to myself a lot more. Especially when I get frustrated. I don’t tend to cuss out the game, but I act like I’m whining to the mythical level designer who made this mess. XD

    In some of the scarier games I’ve played – which really aren’t that scary by the standards of some – I think talking is probably my coping mechanism. If something surprising happens in FEAR, I’ll say something like “Oh Alma, you nut!” Or coming across the morgue in Dead Space, “No good can possibly come out of this.”

  16. MAJ Muslim

    I talk to myself a lot when playing SP. I call it role-playing, because I get into arguments with NPCs and the enemies. I’ve also been told that I’m either hilarious to watch play HL or annoying, really, really annoying.

  17. Time for a Freeman’s Mind quote!

    “No. I don’t wana be a schizophrenic.”

  18. Blue Lightning

    Yeah, but I talk to myself anyway sometimes even not playing a game! LOL

    The main thing is don’t get caught!

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