Poll Question 188 – Do you think Black Mesa Source will be released in 2010?

4th September 2010

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

There’s been lots of talk about the Black Mesa mod this week and it reminds me that not too long ago they said it would definitely be released before 2011.

The recent preview on Atomic Maximum Power Computing shows that a lot of the game seems finished, although I haven’t actually read the article because I want to be surprised.

There seem to be lots of people who think it’s another Duke Nukem Forever but I can’t see that happening with this, can you?

The Poll


  1. bcpilot

    After all this time! All I can say is I am really looking forward to playing this mod. We’ll just have to wait and see what the real verdict is.

  2. Earthbound_X

    Wow, their twitter hasn’t been updated since January. I wonder why they all of a sudden got so quiet?

    I remember they used to have updates every so often, I haven’t heard anything about the mod in over 6 months.

    1. Cameron:D

      So because they don’t post tweets it means they’re dead?

      I believe they will release in the very near future.

      “Definitely be released before 2011” Where was that said?

      Also, http://isblackmesareleased.com/ :>

        1. Cameron:D

          I’m trying to look for the post now, but another developer (Raminator I think) said that that was not a definitive release date and that they still have an internal schedule of which they will not release any details of.

      1. Earthbound_X

        I never said the mod was dead, I just thought it was odd they just stopped posting updates all of a sudden.

  3. Bramblepath

    They’d be over a year late if they didn’t release in 2010.

  4. No.
    I gave up following this long ago.
    It can take me by surprise, if it happens.

  5. Kasperg

    I really haven’t been following the mod’s progress since at least three years ago, so I don’t know how big the team is now.

    What I do know is how much work can go into a mod which relies heavily on custom content. We have custom materials, custom static models and A LOT of voice acting in The Citizen Part 2, and some of it is really a pain to get through (specially getting the things you need at the time you’re inspired to actually work on that part of the mod.

    Without really knowing how much of Black Mesa is done, remaking a whole game with a high quality standard, an insane (or rather total) amount of custom content including animated models, AI routines and whatnot, it would seem to me that a non-proffesional team (in the sense of people without a real work schedule who can impose their own deadlines) could very well take another 2 or 3 years until you could call the mod a finished product.

    Yes, we’ve seen videos and screenshots that look amazing, and some even date back to 2005-2006. Yet, a mod or a game is so much more than what you see in images. Much more so in a project as ambitious as Black Mesa.

  6. I’m pretty sure that the Black Mesa Source team is running on Valve time so I’ve put my interest in this mod into the same basket as Episode 3 labelled ignore hype until release.

  7. Kyouryuu

    Coming out in 2010? I doubt it. It’ll be done when it’s done. I’m not really following the project either because I don’t have high hopes for it. While it’s fine to operate on Valve Time, you have to realize that Real Time is not kind to those who take too long. Fans stop caring, visuals continue to age, and before you know it you have a reputation as a project that will never be finished.

    Incidentally, it’s funny you should mention Duke Nukem Forever. Just yesterday, Duke Nukem Forever was announced at PAX as coming out in 2011 and there is a playable demo at PAX. After the collapse of 3D Realms, who toiled with it for years, 2K Games passed it off to Gearbox (Borderlands, the Half-Life expansion packs) to finish it. The irony is that so much time has passed since the previous incarnation that I wonder how many players actually know who Duke Nukem is. As a character from a bygone era of gaming, more players probably know him from “that game that never came out” than the FPS from the late 90s… which hasn’t held up at all.

  8. Cyo

    Interesting note on Duke Nukem Forever: It’s actually going to come out. AGAIN.

    Anyway, BM will come out, and I shall await patiently for its release.

  9. Ben

    Please add an “I Dont give a shit” option.
    People are bitching about this mod even though it sux balls. Cant understand why there are no “Do you think Starcraft: Ghost\Duke Nukem: Forever will come in 2010?”
    BMS is boring. Just some lame remodels (have u saw the NEW leaked screenshots? in two words: BIG. SHIT. If this it what they made through 6 years I could enter a comma, get out of it, LEARN HOW TO MODEL STUFF, AND THEN REMODEL IT BETTER.) remaps and I guess some voice-overs.
    Never said it wont come out\never said its dead. Just tired of people bitching about it even though it was entertainming 2 years ago. Now its just a pile of big, stinky, crap.
    ~TROLLS\RUDE COMMENTS WILL BE IGNORED. Mannered people will be answered.~

    1. Anon_228665

      “Mannered”? Really?? After that poorly-composed and grammatically-incorrect diatribe?

      If you want your comment to be taken seriously, then learn to write, as well as how to refrain from using foul language to express your piddly opinion.

  10. Ben

    “Cant understand why there are no “Do you think Starcraft: Ghost\Duke Nukem: Forever will come in 2010?” *polls

  11. Hec

    its more likley possible, because we have to keep in mind that this mod it’s been produced since 2004!!!!, just imagine how amount of data and maping work is that!, anyway I hope they released this arround december or before, because holly god I can’t wait to play it!!!

  12. Pyro

    It’s just “Black Mesa,” the “Source” designation was dropped some time ago at Valve’s request.

    1. I know but I left it in on purpose.

  13. Nrmartins

    I think maybe not since it has been postponed oh so many times to count and before we can do womething besides waiting it can be delayed again or worst.

  14. I think Black Mesa will be released sometime this year. Probably right up to the wire right at the end of December, but yeah, this year seems likely to me.

    1. Hec

      yes also for me too!

  15. foxholeboy


    noooooooooooooooooooooooooo way, no chance in hell

    Black Mesa Source has had all sorts of speculation and rumour surrounding it, some say valve pulled a cease and desist and are using the assets for themselves others say it’s on the verge of death and now some think it’s complete.

    If they were on the verge of release we would be getting regular information but they keep their cards so close to their chests it’s impossible to have any faith of them meeting their deadline.

    This article will be what the Jace Hall Show was to Duke Nukem Forever you finally see something playable and you get all giddy again they release a teaser and BOOM they pull the plug and unfortunately I don’t think Gearbox are going to pick up the pieces on this one.

    It’s sad to give up on this game but how long can we wait for them to delay deadlines and show us less snippets of information than fucking episode 3. The trailer made the game looked finished and so did this article and screenshots so if it ain’t here soon it ain’t ever coming.

    You watch as we roll into the new year and Black Mesa Source announces they will be done by 2012 and then the world ends and it didn’t even matter anyway.

    1. I Think I just teared from laughing XD
      Oh god dude you are HILARIOUS!
      Anyway, I agree with every word.
      They dont want to update us, they cant stand their deadline, THEY CAN GET THEIR LAME MOD AND PUSH IT UP THEIR Bottom.
      At the last time I saw like 3 other mods that has a target of recreating HL in real Source.
      Too bad all the fantrolls of Black Kaka trolls their pages and say they stole the idea from Black Kaka.
      Anyway, I wouldnt even call it a mod. You know, a mod actually has NEW SCRIPTS. This is just some VERY bad remodels (talking about the Atomic screenshots) and nice maps.

      To sum things up:

  16. Dias

    I recently posted on Black Mesa’s forums that if DNF comes out before BM, than I’d wear a dress & post pictures of it. Trying to encourage a little betting. 😛


    1. Actually, DNF is coming at 2011-12. Confirmed.

  17. Major Banter

    I find it hard to understand why people get so pent up about a mod.

    I’m looking forward to a release. I’m not following it, nor am I the slightest bit concerned about the possibility of death.

    Sure, I could give many a reason, but why bother. You want an argument? Steam name is the same as here.

    If you’re in anguish about how it could die, I’m wondering why you’re not enjoying other mods in the meantime. If you’re getting hacked off or trying to prove to everyone you don’t care, you’re making the same point.

    HL1 is a twelve hour game. It takes a year for a mod team to make an hour of gameplay.

    Give a little respect to the people who want an authentic vision that runs smoothly on everyone’s computers.

  18. AzzX

    If you have been following the official website for a while, the quietness since the last Twitter update is indeed rather curious. So much so I would bet Valve has a build in its hands and is quietly adding its own input into the game…

    The often relaxed dev forum posting has recently been replaced with restrained and calculated, thoughtful posting – possibly indicating the mod has seen a more mature approach to developement. One can only dream 🙂

    Looking forward to the biggest mod for any game ever released regardless.

  19. Anderan

    They said it was coming out last year and yet it didn’t. Until I actually see it released I personally am ignoring any release date they set.

    1. Extremely well said.
      People set deadlines and cant stand them. Its a shame.

  20. coldroll

    One of the devs on the site said this release date is fake.

  21. I voted “no”, because that mofo Murphy of “Murphy’s Laws” lives on my shoulder, so if I assume “no”, then they’ll release it.

    I HOPE they do, because I HOPE they make the HL1 experience even better, as seems to be promised by the little snippets we’re seeing.

  22. I am very much looking forward to this mod because I have never played Half-Life 1. I skipped HL1 and went straight to Half-Life 2 based solely on the hype surrounding this mod. However, I can understand the “BFD” thinking of some people after waiting 6 years for a “rehash of the same storyline.”

    I venture to guess that this poll question will continue receiving comments day after day and month after month, long after it has disappeared from front page news.

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