Poll Question 184 – Are you interested in a recreation of the leaked HL2 beta?

6th August 2010

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Each month seems to see the announcement of a new mod whose objective is to release a recreation of the leaked beta.

The four I have heard of are: Project Terminal, Beta Source, Anonbeta mod and Missing Information.

Seems a shame that so many people are working on more or less the same thing when they could be A: working together (although that’s a lot easier said than done) or B: working on something original.

Obviously a lot of people love this sort of thing but are players really that interested? You tell me.

The poll


You might find these mods interesting:


  1. MikeS

    Did the leaked beta have Gordon Freeman on a boat? I’m trying to remember if I played it or not. I remember playing a mod(?) that took place on a ship that gave you a fire extinguisher, and a flare gun to shoot zombies with. It was pretty good, if a little rough, and it kept crashing. :/

    1. bumtown

      You’re referring to missing information, and that ship was the borealis.

  2. I voted maybe on the grounds that we might get some playable mods that at least give some gaming pleasure.

    This time last year, when we were spoilt rotten with some excellent maps and mods, I would have vote no without hesitation.

    I do agree. It’s a pity that there are modders manipulating existing works rather than something original from their own imaginations and talents.

  3. Berrie

    I’m not really a fan of how certain parts of the Beta looked and am more happy with the way the final product was presented.
    That said, if seen Missing Information add some nice flair to those maps. So it’s a maybe.

    Certainly not worth four separate mods, though.

  4. bobdog

    I voted yes, with the qualification that the remake should feature the areas NOT seen in the final release. For example, I think the Missing Information team is developing maps and levels that were included in the storyline, but removed by Valve due to time constraints and tester input.

  5. Voted maybe, because how would I know how to answer it if I hadn’t already seen the leaked beta at some point?

  6. I just cut to the chase and voted yes. It’s always interesting to see the concepts that a good company had to work through to get to a final awesome product.

    The only issue I have is how little cleaning up there seems to be for a lot of the areas, where you’re left to wander around and accomplish nothing. It ends up just as a collection of scenes and no continuity or even context provided.

  7. jgoodroad

    I know the guy behind Missing Information, and from what I see it looks amazing… so I don’t really think recreating the beta is what I would like to see, but the new mod that arises from the ashes? that is something else

  8. Absolutely, we need all the mods we can get given that good new mods are few and far between these days. Also, the Borealis trapped in the ice crevasse was visually stunning. I want to go back there again via a polished mod, so mod away I say.

  9. I don’t think it’s necessary to recreate content that was cut out. I believe (but I could be wrong) that a fair bit of the content was cut because testing proved that some ideas weren’t as fun gameplay wise as they sounded.

    I know other things were cut due to time constraints but the good gameplay aspects from those sections can be taken and adapted to an original project.

    I feel the time could be better used on new ideas rather than recreating could-have-beens but each to his own.

    Regardless, if it’s a good polished mod I will play it.

  10. GoodGuyA

    Ya, I’m all for that. I’d like to see what I missed. MI is virtually unplayable but I liked the ideas and animations it had. A very distinct feel.

  11. Hec

    Ok the point is that, imagine, if we would have a good recreation of the HL2 Beta that just would be awsome itself, i’d love to see this like an altern game project like HL underground. I think it’s kind a shame that mods like Missing info just be limited to random maps like showing the borealis and just showing new weapons, I mean it would be so great as phillip says, that many modders would be working together as a team to achive a good mod with awsome new weapons and recreate the story of the beta.
    it would be fantastic to play in some awsome location into the HL Beta like the “respirators” where cmb turns earth’s air in some toxic compound, or play in kraken base,, imagine just the possibilities of creation are big to create a really succesfull complete and well done mod

  12. Hec

    Hey phillip do you have the links of: “project terminal and beta source”?, just to take a look of them, I hope you can post them thank you!!

  13. You might find these mods interesting:

    1. Hec

      OH, many thanks phillip, I hope we can play’em soon!!!

  14. Nrmartins

    No I’m not I think it’s not worth the time it takes to release a project this big with new maps .

  15. So far, I can’t find any of those except TAP. The rest seem to be vaporware. I played MI awhile back, and it was decent except for some rough patches.

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