Poll Question 093 – Would you like to see the Half-Life universe extended into other gaming genres?

26th July 2008

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

There must be plenty of non-FPS games that could be made with the Half-Life universe. One question is whether it would dilute the brand.

Would you like to see the Half-Life universe extended into other gaming genres?

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  1. dethtoll

    I’d actually like to see an RPG set in the HL universe. It wouldn’t center around Gordon, but around the resistance, perhaps prior to Gordon’s arrival (though the finale could take place during the last third of HL2?)

    The question is, what KIND of RPG? I personally want to see it in first person, similar to Deus Ex or Vampire: the Masquerade: Bloodlines. It’s a nice compromise, I think.

    An RTS would be interesting- after all, there’s already a mod that does exactly that.

  2. Mel

    I would not be interested. Tried all those different genres years ago and settled on FPS 10 years back.

  3. Gonome

    I don’t know… Difficult question. Can it be a successful game?

  4. NO thanx.But if there were to be one like it.I would like to see alyx and gordon along with the rest of the crew in a doom3 type setting.

  5. Hoyy

    Probably in a RPG, while using the same characters from the original Half-Life saga but with a emphasis in this particular gameplay genre. RPGs are longer in term of longevity than a regular FPS, so why not try to make one?

  6. Ezequielhl

    I’ll love to see Half Life turned in something like System Shock 2, or for most gun-visceral-action, a “gears of war” like of the Half Life Universe.

  7. galocza

    i voted “rpg”, nowadays the genre that I like most is an rpg-fps mixture. I like rpgs with an fps view like morrowind and oblivion, or vtm-bloodlines or deusex (oh and im so waiting for fallout3!) and fps games with a hint of character development like dark messiah or the second nolf or bioshock. character development (even a simplicized one) gives so much more excitement and replay value…
    like some of us I started with with wolfenstein3d and im bored with standard fps games (yes, somewhat even with hl2), play the game, then get bigger guns and bigger enemies and sometimes a boss fight. even a simple development can give much extra joy playing the game, its a crime to leave it out.

  8. dethtoll

    I’m suprised this post hasn’t gotten more of a response.

    And yeah, I second galocza’s comment. I’d love to see a first person RPG in the vein of Deus Ex or Bloodlines. We know the Source engine can do it, and do it well- Bloodlines is proof of that.

  9. CrowbarSka

    A HL2 RTS mod called HL2: Wars is in development. Check it out here:

  10. Zaphod

    I think a online game would be interesting. I don’t mean another deathmatch. What I am thinking about is more like a Massive Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter, a mmofps.

    imagine this:
    You arrive to City 17 by train. You are a citizen, just like anyone else. The first of the time you spend in the city you are speaking to other newcomers and is occationally beaten by one or another metrocop. Soon you are presented to the alternativers to eather join the civil protection or to break out of the metrocop guarded areas of the city to join the rebels.

    If you (for example) chose to join the civil protection you will after a short education and some brainwashing be given your first wepon, a stun baton. After doing simple missions like beating citizen and such, you will rise in ranks. You soon get a pistol and will be given more important tasks like neutralise refugees and rebels hiding in the sewers.

    Eventually you have rised high enought in the ranks to have the privilege to be sent to Nova Prospect and get operated to get some more of your humanity removed. Now you have rised to the rank of combine solider and will together with other soliders attack rebel bases, wich is scattered in the industrial areas, coustline areas and forests surrounding the city. And so it goes on.

  11. zellock

    If they did it right and didn’t end up totally messing it up, I think it would be good to see something along the lines of a first person RPG, just not as Freeman. Maybe even having it illuminate what happened between Half Life and Half Life 2, showing the start of the resistance?

  12. DeadMeat

    RPG! (or even MMORPG, although I dont play mmorpg’s) Half Life 2 and Fallout universe has the same athmophere imo. Post apocalyptic and post combine worlds. Yes! Half Life 2 (or actually 3) RPG would be great.

  13. a lot of the fun of Half Life is the immersion factor, but it might be interesting to play as the combine in an RTS type of thing. I can’t imagine how Half Life could be turned into an RPG type thing where you gain experience and get better at stuff.

    Oh, another interesting thought would be an action adventure focusing on vortigon. I think the vorts would do well from a 3rd person perspective. I don’t know exactly why. It just seems to fit for them.

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