Poll Question 070 – How did you acquire your PC games last year?

17th February 2008

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

We now have even more choice to purchase/acquire games than ever before, so which did you choose?

How did you acquire your PC games last year?

I haven’t bought a game from a retailer in a long while I used to use Play.com but they stopped sending to Spain some games and I never went back. In fact I haven’t bought a game for a while, the last was EP2. That was through Steam.

In the past I bought most of my games from Ebay because I wanted to get the older ones, in fact I plan to sell my whole collection later this year (Stay Tuned).

How did you buy your games last year. Vote for each method used.

Do you think retailers will survive in the medium-term future? It seems that console are having more and more content downloaded.

This is a multiple answer poll, meaning you can select more than one answer.

I would like everybody to be completely honest. I can’t record which answers you vote for but if you are shy then logout and use Anonymous for commenting and voting.

The Poll


  1. firba1

    Well I last year out of the very few games I did actually buy, I bought the Orange Box on Steam, and all others at the “Bricks and Mortar” store.

  2. Mel

    I don’t buy much in the way of games these days preferring to download custom mod/maps. HL2-Ep1 I purchased about a year ago this being the first since the release of HL2. I have just purchased through Steam Ep2,this being the first time I have purchased this way, seems fairly harmless their make it so easy to take your money these days. Anyway, I am hardly a big spender when it comes to games. Not started Ep2 yet, its setting in my steam menu so I hope it fires-up and runs ok.

  3. Manual_Monaro

    I’d gotten a few of my games from retailers last year, some I’ve borrowed from friends.

    I bought The Orange Box via retail at EB Games Australia.

    I plan to perhaps buy off Steam in the future.

  4. Daniel

    These days, I only buy from “brick and mortar” retail stores if they’re offering a game at a substantial discount. Specifically, the store I’m referring to is Big Lots. I used to buy used PC games from Electronics Boutique (EB), but ever since they got bought out by Gamestop, they no longer carry cheap used PC games (their focus is now on the more lucrative console market). The PC games Gamestop/ EB does carry are usually overpriced. Likewise, I find the games at Best Buy to also be overpriced. Circuit City sometimes offers good deals on PC games, but they’re in financial trouble and may be going out of business. Target WAS a good place, at times, to get PC games that they are trying to get rid of on clearance, but for the last few months, the games available on clearance were still over $20. Compare this with previous clearance prices of $5.80 for Dark Messiah of Might and Magic or $12 for STALKER and you can understand my disappointment.

    I used to go to EBay to purchase some of my games, but nowadays I find myself using Amazon.com more and more. Some PC games at Amazon are relatively inexpensive compared to most retailers.

  5. during 2007-2008 is when I was primarily playing the Wii, so most of that would be retail games, but many of these were gotten secondhand or through online deals.
    To be totally honest, I also got a lot of my other games through homebrew for DS and Wii.

    Now the past year CURRENTLY, it’s been almost entirely steam. I’ve been too busy with mods and the occasional steam deal to worry about other games. Anytime an individual game that has caught my attention comes down below $5 I almost always grab it. If it’s $10, I’ll debate back and forth, and if it’s a game I specifically WANT then I probably will grab it.

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