October 2012 – General Chat.

22nd October 2012

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Oh My Gosh! I woke up this morning and though “What happened to the general chat posts?”

As soon as I could, I created this post. So sorry for being 22 days late!

Anyway, this month you are not allowed to talk about Cats wearing costumes!

This post is used to chat about anything and everything, except maps and mods posted on the site, which should have their discussion on the respective post.


  1. Beautiful piece of work here:

    VoEC is interested to hear from experienced environmental artists and level designers.

    You can even download and “play” the map. Details in the video’s description.

  2. 50 things every dog should do before it dies.

    Actually, I think most people should do these too. Especially numbers 17, 37 and 47!

    If only Life were so simple.

    1. Recently begun modelling and animating in Blender and man is it easier than I thought. If anyone was like me and hesitated on all the complicated stuff you needed to do to get from Blender to Source, then do it. Its really easy to do. Making good models is another thing though…

      And while I am at it. Any specific weapons you think would fit in the Half Life universe? And any Ideas on where a mod would take place?

      1. Oops. didn’t mean to reply on that dog thing. My bad.

  3. AI

    I went to the site that was mentioned, all I found was a sign up page for Mediafire online storage — no DL’s Oh well! I’m moving to a new place right by a nice lake, and won’t have my internet for a few days!! :-p BUMMER!!

    1. The mediafire link works fine for me

  4. MisterAddy

    I did wonder what happened to this post! I was thinking about posting pictures of a Half-Life board game that I designed for GCSE coursework ages ago, if anyone is interested. By the way, are these tags new?

    1. Yes, at least for you. I’ve had them a while.

  5. Something else I just remembered. Is there any way on the site to look at all of the mods that you have reviewed/commented on?

    1. Yes, I’ll make this this weekend’s FAQs and Updates video.

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