Next Mapping Challenge Competition Starts Friday 17th October

10th October 2014

Hi All,

Just to let you know that I will be announcing the next Mapping Challenge at 12:01Am Friday 17th October.

It will be another 10 day challenge and standard rules will apply.

The theme and any other details will be described in the post.

Let me know if you have any questions not related to the theme.


  1. Thanks for keeping these challenges going Phillip after all this time 🙂

    I’m gonna try really really hard to enter this competetion/challenge no matter what because every time I start a map for a competition and then lose momentum and get distracted.. but this time I should be free all week and really want to submit something for once. 🙂

    Kind Regards, George.

  2. Mega Sean 45

    Oh if it’s a 10 day challenge, it’s probably not a CityVille. A contest like that would probably require at least 2 1/2 weeks. But seriously, I hope you consider it one day, Phil. I’m ready for whatever challenge you throw at us! Bring it on! >:D

  3. I might actually enter this one, as it lines up perfectly with my semester break.

  4. JG

    I definitely hope to participate in this one as well, as long as I find the theme interesting.

  5. Explain to me the difference between a challenge and a competition, I’m a little confused as to the change.
    Is a challenge just the same as a competition but with a subnote of “its ok if it’s not very good or unfinished”?

    1. Yes, basically, I am prepared to accept visually less polished entries than I would perhaps have preferred. That’s not to say I will be happy with clearly unfinished or terrible entries. If necessary, I will either exclude entries or change the name back.

  6. Like Yoshi said, lines up with my semester break. Gonna lose 2 days because I’m abroad but I’ll use that time to design with pen and paper.

  7. StrikeVonNice

    Lines up perfectly to miss the October holidays for me =(. It is the last week though so hopefully not too much work.
    Since this is a challenge I might be able to make it (Not the first time I said that).
    Good luck to anyone who enters and happy hammering.

    p.s. Is there a list of previous mapping themes and is there a place to submit theme ideas. I do like the idea of a city from Mega Sean 45 but like he said would take a while. Maybe a trainville or verticalville (the map has to be focused on going up and down with height being a big theme and not much lateral movement)

    1. All the previous competitions can be found here PP Mapping Competitions, including VerticalVille – Sorry!

      I generally don’t accept theme idea submissions as they tend to come from players and what players want to play and what modders want to make in a limited time rarely match. That said, I do “listen” to every suggestion and have even had votes for themes.

      CityVille is definitely going to happen at some point in the future.

      happy hammering

      I love that phrase.

      1. Last time I hammered something I was super drunk on whiskey. Literally uncompiled a drawer to make room for a closet.

  8. Wow Phillip, it’s amazing you are doing so many of these competitions, although I have not had chance to get involved with submitting myself, I find them really enjoyable to play, it’s awesome that they are helping to keep the modding community active and innovative.

    My only question is, with all of these ‘ville’ competitions, will there ever be ‘VilleVille’?

    Imagine a mapping competition to make a mapping competition.


    1. No, there won’t be a VilleVille but they might be an UnfinishedVille. Getting modders to complete half-finished maps

      1. That would be pretty interesting, you give us a 50% map, and we finish it.

        1. Man, that would be cool. Everyone submits their unfinished maps, then each mapper gets sent a random unfinished map from the pile, and has to complete it. It would be soo cool, seeing your idea completed by someone else and play around with someone else’s map.

          1. As much as I love ideas like this, I don’t think the modding community is really into that sort of stuff any more. These sorts of things were really popular ten years ago.

  9. im will defintily make a entry for this one. but i maybe dont have much time, last time that resultet in me drinking lotsa red bull, not sleeping and playing quake live, which you could see in the finale and me being unable to connect the finale to the car. jesus not sleeping from friday to somtime at monday to finish a map then having to go to school. not the best idea i ever had.

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