Mission Impracticable 2

for Half-Life

4th November 2004

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Half Life Mod

I can’t tell you much because it’s all in Russian!
Filename: mi2.zip
Size: 4.07Mb

Here is a web translation:

“Direct continuation is mode Mission Impracticable.
It begins the modes of the skriptovoy of stsenkoy, which will make it necessary to recall Half- bodice and it will certainly cause only positive emotions:) game itself begins similarly mode Breakdown 2: Afterwards – soldiers locked us in the room, from which we will not slow down to make foot.

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Half Life Mod

\Modes by something me reminded modes The Ropes – not only much you run and you shoot, but sometimes it is necessary to carry out small tasks, for example, to twist gate, in order to overlap vapour, interfering with passage or to move boxes. Are the well inserted scripts situations, when it is necessary to conduct professorate after itself. By the way, guards Barni now to us not comrades. When I for the first time stumbled on one of them, it, after seeing me from a distance, it began to open gates into the hall. I thought, that this it fusses for me, opening way further, but it proved to be it admits into the hall of several morpekhov, after which together with them it began to burn into me…
Modes it is made well, although basic space consists of corridors, the specific attention is given to the different trifles: the meeting rooms are not empty, in one corridor is the being rocked lamps t.p.
End is somewhat incomprehensible. It can be used as a tragic tail piece of these two parts, or as transitional moment to the third part, when one must come to somewhere with the broken head…

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Half Life Mod

For entire game to me fell only one Gluck, which I can explain only by the forgetfulness of the author. With the load of one level the departure from the game with the communication occurs, that is not found model civ_.sci.mdl. Apparently simply they forgot to place it into the archive. This is solved very simply – I took model zombie.mdl, it created in the catalog mode folder models and assumed it having there renamed in civ_.sci.mdl. In addition to this, I will not recollect others of Glucks 4.
Completing survey I will say, that if to you was pleased the first part, that the second part Mission Impracticable also it is necessary on the taste.”

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  1. shawn

    Not but clear so is intro the mod the, will I probably it undownload.

  2. Mel

    OK, good game fun to play a bit short with a pointless ending, unless epidsode 3 is in the making.

    There is a Mission 1 which I rated 4/10 but also recorded crash problems.

  3. mcrip

    Fun enough to play it later, but ways are too long sometimes, a bit too empty and a few times noclip was needed.
    Story: Corridors and halls, escape as long as you can.

  4. Maybe?

    Russian mappack containing 7 maps with a nice mix of puzzles and combat.
    I can’t tell much about the story as the readme is written in Russian and there are no clues ingame, also I don’t know part one of that mission, so please bear with me!
    Anyway, it looks like you (Dr. Freeman) caught by the soldiers after they found you some time after the infamous Black Mesa incident. Now, you’re being locked in a storage room.
    So it’s quite obvious what to do next – escape!

    We start our “mission” with nothing but the shiny HEV suit.
    Getting out of the storage door ain’t easy at the first look, as the door is of course locked from the other side. That’s where the first little puzzle starts!
    On the way there are some more, nice puzzles and combat is also awaiting.
    There are aliens and soldiers, and some sort of boss fight at the end.
    Mapping is okay, but nothing special, just a tiny bit above average I would say.
    It got some details and nice lighting, I like the office part best.
    There are some maintenance areas, the bigger office part but also a short outdoor section, usually it’s made of long corridors.
    Enemy placement is very good but somehow it always feels like there too less comabt as you will mostly run through corridors and solving puzzles, just don’t worry, in conclusion it’s just enough combat. Maybe the guards will help you out a bit? Or won’t they?

    So the best part of the pack are the puzzles in my opinion, combat is okay but a bit rare for my taste as I mentioned it got quite long walkways.

    Give it a try if you like a mix of puzzles and action in BM style surroundings.

    -Excellent, varied puzzles
    -Decent mapping, good lighting
    -Solid combat, good enemy placement
    -Realistic atmosphere and design, altho there’s no music

    -Missing, real story
    -Balancing, too easy and quite rare combat
    -Short playtime (~10-30 minutes)
    -Long walkways
    -Minor bugs like getting stuck, escorting scientist
    -No obvious clues for the puzzles sometimes, can be frustrating
    -Disappointing, open end (part three??)


    Play on hard! It’s not really difficult.

    If anyone gets stuck in this mappack anywhere, just let me know and I will give you a hint, I even could write a walkthrough if it’s necessary!

    Note: There is NO cheating necessary!

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