MapTap: Beta Release 2.4.0 RC11

16th March 2014

Update: MapTap has been replaced by Gauge.

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Here is beta version RC11, which addresses the Steampipe update.

I have tested this version and it worked correctly for me on a fresh install of Steam.

I will be using it all the time from now on to install and test maps and mods.

I am really hoping this one can be released and Alex and I can start planning the next update and what features we want to include.

RC stands for Release Candidate in case you were wondering.


Due to the way Steampipe works, there is no longer a need for MapTap to manage multiple Steam accounts. A popup message will appear the first time you run the application explaining that. There is at least one spelling mistake (stteam) and I may reword the message, so feel free to suggest


I am looking for people to install and use the application and provide feedback on your experience. I need as much detail as possible, especially if you encounter a bug. We need to know exactly what you did, so we can try and replicate it.

Ideally, you would install maps and mods for a variety of games.

Feedback can be posted as a comment or you can send an email to me ([email protected]) and include as much information as possible.


As with all beta release software, it may not work as expected. You accept ALL risk involved. Of course, we don’t believe there will be any adverse affects, but it’s still not our fault if something goes wrong.

It is only designed to work on Microsoft Windows.

Download the update

Download the update to your HDD [6.02MB]
You have read the disclaimer, haven’t you?

Download the full installer

Download the full install to your HDD [10.9MB]
You have read the disclaimer, haven’t you?

Thank You

If you decide to test it, thank you.

The Painting

I have decided to use various oil paintings as the images for MapTap posts and maybe even the release name. This painting is of Philip Verheyen, a Belgian surgeon by an unknown artist.


  1. I have been manually installing HL mods for quite a few years, certainly preceeding MapTap. I did try Maptap once but did not persist with it. However, since Valve introduced SteamPipe, I have missed playing my mods. I have recently been trying to get my mods working under SteamPipe, and found that in most cases editing the filesystem in gameinfo.txt was all that was needed.

    However, I was stumped with mods for Opposing Force and just could not get them working. Eventually, I noticed that the latest MapTap beta caters for SteamPipe, and thought I would re-install these OpFor mods from zip files already on my disk, using that. I was very pleased to find that installing them worked fine, with no obvious changes to the already-in-place directories and files, but they now play. I can play either via MapTap or just start up Steam, then OpFor and enter the appropriate Map command. I have not yet worked out why they now play.

    I then thought I would try the same for an EP2 mod (Overawe) that had previously crashed with the Engine Error:
    76/ -trigger_once: UTIL_SetModel: nor precached: *17
    Alas, Maptap did not fix this problem, but perhaps it is not intended to, and I have to manually fix this.

    Apart from that, I found the latest MapTap beta to be easy to use, fast, and it certainly solved some of my problems. Good work!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Pete. As you guessed, MapTap can’t repair broken maps and mods, but can make life easier for most people.

      Be sure to look out for future releases and new features.

  2. Jottl

    I’m having an issue with this release, and I’m not sure what’s wrong. My hl2 files are fully updated with the latest steampipe version as of today 2/25. When I install a map “from archive” within maptap, the window shows the map installing from 0-100% just fine. But after reaching 100%, the map disappears from the maptap window as if it was never installed. No matter how I choose to “view” the installed maps (e.g. all, played, unplayed), none of the maps that I install via maptap actually appear in maptap once they install successfully. I’ve opened up my steamapps folder and can see that maptap has successfully created folders in there for the hl2 maps it has installed, but the maptap app itself never shows the maps in its window. It’s as if it just loses track of them once they’ve installed. Any ideas what’s going on?

  3. CPOB

    I am having the same issue as recorded by Jottl on 25th March – i.e. the MOD installs to the Sourcemods folder but it does not show up in MapTap. I am running Windows 8.1 and have experienced this problem with, for example, downloading Sniperville 2. Grateful for any suggestions you may have.

    1. I’ve replied to your comment in The Forgotten Journey post but you should be using at least the 2.4.0 full release by now and not anything before.

      Have you tried the 2.5 Beta release?

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