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4th May 2004

There are many sites available to learn the technicalities of using a level editor but none that focuses on the principles behind good level design. I believe that if somebody started a wiki site then many developers would contribute.

I’m not suggesting anything to do with the actual technicalities of using an editor, I’m suggesting some more based on good design principles.

For example; what exactly make a good CTF map? Now, many people will have differing opinions but there will be a few principles that will be more or less concrete. That’s not to say that if your map doesn’t follow them it will be bad, but they should be considered.

I’m thinking of a cross editor discussion about WHAT makes a good map not HOW TO make good map. There are a few articles on the net but a central location would encourage debate.

I think it would also be interesting to analyze some particularly good maps in each type of genre and game mode. (Preferably with the authors permission and participation).

I was primarily thinking about single player FPS levels but there is no reason why it couldn’t be open to all types of level editing.

For those who do not know what a Wiki is, it is the simplest usable online database. Almost any page can be edited within a browser with no html knowledge. There are a few formatting rules to learn but nothing too complicated. There is a link on every page to a comprehensive help system.

Other game related websites using a version of wiki:
Unreal Wiki – A Wiki for the Unreal Engine. An excellent resource.
HLPD – Wiki HomePage – A Wiki website about Half-Life code.
Quake Wiki Engines – A Wiki website about Quake engines.

This idea was posted on the 3D Buzz Forums, In Theory Forums and Rust Forums

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