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15th April 2007

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

“Good morning, Agent Freeman. You”ve been ordered here because for days we have received no word from our scientific colleagues. Our company placed 21 top-class physics specialists at the government”s disposal to work on a highly secret research project. For days now, all our efforts to get in contact with them have been blocked.

As you can see from the slides, the research facility is heavily guarded and difficult to gain access to, being in a remote part of the Mojave desert. Your mission is to infiltrate the base and find out what has happened to our scientists. You will be conveyed to the area by helicopter and then parachute in. If it is absolutely necessary, do not hesitate to use force. My company and I will do everything we can to support you.
Good luck, Agent Freeman.”


1. Copy the entire contents of the titles.txt file by highlighting its contents, right-clicking and selecting “Copy”
2. Go into the “krypton” folder in your Half-Life directory
3. Use PakExplorer to open the pak0.pak file
4. Open the titles.txt file (you might want to back it up by clicking “Save As…” and saving it somewhere)
5. Highlight the entire contents of the German titles.txt file, delete it, and paste in the contents of my titles.txt file
6. Save the file (You may see the message “The pak file has been modified. Continue?” If so, click “Yes”)
7. Close PakExplorer (You may see the message “Recovering unused space may take several moments. Continue?” If so, click “Yes”)

Basic Details
  • Title: Krypton
  • File Name: hl1-sp-krypton.7z
  • Original File Name: Krypton.exe
  • Size : 17.0Mb
  • Author: Team Krypton
  • Date Released: 19 April 2002
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A walkthrough for this mod is available. It is in PDF format. You may be able to open this directly in your browser, depending on which one you use and its version or alternatively you can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader


Click on the thumbnails below to open a medium size image. Images courtesy of Ten Four and

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
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  1. Tony

    How do you get English subtitles up? I’ve run the game & it only seems to be in German .

  2. How do you get English subtitles up?

    I’ve just added a section explaining how to do it in the main post. Good Luck!

  3. Dufferx

    I played this some time ago and didn’t much care for it. This time the controls were messed up almost beyond repair.

  4. Hope you get the walkthrough soon.The link for it on ten four doesn’t work.Trying to activate stargates on the krypton level and think I did it right but nothin happens except a message that says go freeman go.

  5. ~ Jazz man ~

    I did Exactly what the English Translation instructions say, and it’s still German!

  6. bkadar

    anybody find the safe with the lazer door codes at the first camp?

  7. Can anyone help us with the English translations? Followed step by step instructions above & it’s still all in German. Pretty please?

  8. I just read what I needed from the txt file supplied.Thats all that gets translated anyway.

  9. Well, I finally get into the armory, get the ammo, take the heli down, take the guy out behind the big gun. Can’t ge the yellow crate to open wchich has the explosives insde so I (grr) had to no-clip. When back to the lounge, can’t climb the litte door leading to the attic, just stuck on it – no clip again. Lit the fuse & all worked, got the code. You have to be VERY fast when entering the code or you’ll have to do it multiple times. After lasers go down (briefly) another set pops uh behind you preventing you from going back. Went to the room with the 2 scientist talking to me in German (of course). According to the walkthough, you walk up to the 2nd scientist & he’s suppose to say “alright, let’s go in” & does something. NOPE! I had to fire my pistol in the air to make him bring the elevator up. So far, it’s pretty agravating.

  10. I just read what I needed from the txt file supplied.Thats all that gets translated anyway.

    Well, that totally defeats the purpose.

  11. To get the yellow clip to open I had to climb the crates onto the top of red container.As for the lasers there are little hand switches you can use to turn then back off for a short time.

    Overall you will use noclip alot because you get stuck in a lot of places in this mod.

  12. I climbed those crates too & got on top of the red container but nothing ever opened on the yellow container to give me access to the explosives. I finally made it to where you have to turn on all 6 power modules & the main generator. Got all 6 power modules, but where does the main generator turn on at?

  13. Did you find the keycard needed?

  14. Keycard? Up there? Errrr, no. I’ll have to go back & see what I missed. I thought the only keycard was in the locker?

    Anyway, thanks a lot andyb. 🙂

  15. Nevermind that lost post. I didn’t know what you were talking about since I’d slept some. I found ze keycard! Your guidance humbles me andyb!

  16. MarkSA

    Can’t get this to run.

    Comes up with an error of unknown scripted event “startleleft”

    If I load a map by itself, the map seems to have lot’s of objects missing as them at a different angle, they only appear if you look at them at a certain way.

    Buildings have bits missing.

    I am using a clean install of HL1.

  17. Have the latest patch installed?

  18. bkadar

    this mods alot of work to play,i like a good challenge but this ones starting to get annoying.

  19. MarkSA

    I have the latest patch installed.

    I have gotten it to run. It had something to do with the console. If you have the console activated, the mod won’t run.

    Kind of makes it hard, if you are trying to run maps and you need the console.

  20. Hmmm … mine works with the console. At least you got it playing now!

  21. Basara

    Does anyone know hot to solve this?

    LoadTGA: Only type 2 and 10 targa RGB images supported

    In the Kyrpton stargate where we pass some unhostile aliens, I can’t enter the gate at the end. After the map loading, this error appears.

  22. There is a problem with one of the TGA files in a wad file thats probably 8 bit instead of 16.I think I fixed this before but damn if I remember at the moment.

  23. If you wish to fix the problem open the pak0.pak file with pakexplorer and in the gfx\env folder delete the file m_bas_rt.TGA

    pakexplorer is available here

  24. Basara

    If you wish to fix the problem open the pak0.pak file with pakexplorer and in the gfx\env folder delete the file m_bas_rt.TGA

    pakexplorer is available here

    Great, It worked!
    Thaks a lot.

  25. EddieLee

    Regarding the translation .. there is a bracket missing in the English titles.txt file. In “proftext2′, insert a right bracket on the line following ‘they’re headed-” and the English text works fine. Make this correction before you copy and paste the body of this file into the PAK file as instructed.

    Also I noticed that I got an error in a later map regarding a “pure function” call — switching to openGL solved this problem.

  26. Mel
    Play It Later

    A very good all round game with plenty of new stuff. I Need to go back and re-do the last map.

  27. Clunkfish
    Play It Later

    What a mixture! Some beautiful and very imaginative environments, but immensely frustrating game play. As others have mentioned, many of the triggers….don’t. You wind up in some huge cavern, kill everything, and there’s nowehere to go and nothing to do. Then you noclip to find that one of the metal boxes has fuel inside, but opening the box requires a dozen attempts before it will function. Without a walkthrough and/or cheats this mod would be pretty much impossible, because this kind of scenario happens over and over again. But still it has its own style and vision which, despite the aggravations, do work their magic on you.

  28. piledriver

    Sounds like you have to pretty much rebuild this to play it. Don’t think I’ll bother.

  29. sxz

    Can someone reupload the translated titles.txt please? I can’t find it anywhere on the internet.


  30. Play It Later

    Sort of experimental mod, meaning about an experiment with star gates, well-mapped and full of fun, detail etc.


    -Very nice level design, architecture and lighting
    -Good story
    -Many puzzles
    -Decent combat situations
    -Many weapons and ammo
    -Quite long playtime
    -Helpful briefings via texts
    -German voices & texts 🙂
    -Nonlinear at some points


    -Bugs (triggering scripts, clipping, mod crashes etc.) and also performance issues (slow PC)
    -A bit less combat imo, more puzzles, finding items etc.
    -Out of a sudden spawning human grunts —> sometimes illogical or just mean
    -Hard difficulty for finding items, puzzles

  31. Ten Four Reviews

    Points have to be taken off immediately for Krypton because it’s not, even a little, in English. Granted the mod team probably intended their mod only for those fluent in German, but a release on the Internet will inevitably be downloaded by people from multiple countries. That said, a translated titles.txt is available.

    So what’s the mod like? In a word, unusual. The mod starts off with some exposition with a German-speaking scientist running a slideshow presentation. From there you literally drop into the action…and the rest is pretty much all action. There are some noteworthy attempts at puzzles in this mod, but some are really obtuse (most will probably need to refer to this walkthrough), others downright annoying (do we really need a big maze that’s made worse by repetitive, indistinct texturing?), and then there’s one that really needs the walkthrough. Imagine this: you’re in Xen-space with lots of floating platforms around. Multiple teleport balls surround each one, teleports that basically let you zip around on all the floating platforms (did I say each platform was surrounded by multiple teleports?). As if this “maze” wasn’t already bad enough, the clue you’re given won’t make sense until you start teleporting around. And once that happens, you can’t refer back to the clue unless you reload an old savegame (or figure out which teleports go where, you decide which of those is easier to do). To top it off, the clue is an ambiguous illustration, something that has to be copied on paper. More points off there because no puzzle in any game should need the player to write down or draw something.

    Oh, so you still want to play this mod? Players with old computers (Pentium II or older) need not bother, the r_speeds on display here are frequently and truly atrocious thanks to mismanaged architecture. Looks like the team mapper spared no expense in making things look good at the expense of r_speeds. Framerate nose-dives were noticeable even on my Athlon XP 2500+ with Radeon 9700 Pro. Yikes.

    To its credit Krypton offers a decent experience. Some great action-driven set-pieces, and level design is continually inventive. Just when you think you’ve seen something new, something else comes up later. Some would say my screenshots spoil that part of the experience, but I ask you the reader, do you really want to see bland level design? The mod does have its moments but they’re too far and few between to really raise the level of quality, which is frankly, sub-par.

    The story is impossible to follow unless you understand German or are playing with a translated titles.txt (yes there is a story, a fairly good one at that), and poor level design is apparent everywhere, be it the high r_speeds, repetitive texturing, some bland architecture, or the dysfunctional set-pieces (like trying to find cover from a circling Apache when there really isn’t any—gotta jump into a building, or fighting Nihilanth while treading water, didn’t the team know it has an electrical attack?!). Oh, and you’ll also need to negotiate 100 more tricky jumps than should be necessary thanks to razor-thin ledges and moving machinery.

    Perhaps I’m being too hard on Krypton. It’s not all that bad, and even offers a decent play. There are plenty of HLSP maps that have done much worse. It’s just that playability obviously wasn’t a high priority here, but rather, eye candy. Those looking for something new, have at it. Everyone else who demands quality will want to skip this one.

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Friday, 27th June, 2003 by Calyst.

    This review was originally posted on the Ten Four Website, which is now offline.  Permission has been granted to republish the full review and more details can be found on the About page.

  32. JChead

    Is there any chance to upload the translated titles.txt file?

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