Audio Interview with Brian Roycewicz

18th September 2009

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

I had the opportunity to have a chat with Brian Roycewicz AKA Tundra_Cool, the author of Provenance.

We chatted for just over 30 minutes and covered a number of topics. In fact, there is exclusive news about Provenance 2!

Listen to the interview



  1. tundra_cool

    Note to self: Gain some charisma.

  2. Gradius

    Great interview.

  3. Gradius

    Although the low volume is an issue at parts.

    1. Yes, sorry about that. It’s hard getting the same quality of sound and level sometimes.

  4. [OFC]Petrick

    That was a good one. Five Stars *****

  5. tundra you should have said you wanted more stuff around the tram, I would have gladly done it. Nice interview. You really should make more of these Phillip.

    1. I’d like to do more but it’s hard finding people who want to.

  6. “In fact, there is exclusive news about Provenance 2!’
    Given that Provenance was a brilliant map in concept but the execution was a disaster with crashes and huge frame rate problems; will we even dare to download and risk our systems?
    Not this gamer for sure and, doubtless, others too.
    Don’t believe me? Go see the comments here and ModDb.
    Tundra Cool, you have my admiration but there is something deeply wrong with Provenance.

    1. I think you have to remember that Provenance was built as a portfolio piece rather than a proper mod, whereas Provenace 2 (working title) will be made as a proper mod and therefore recieve proper beta testing.

  7. tundra_cool

    Yep — it’s unseemingly devoted fans who take a minute or two to think about it during their day and make hopeful presuppositions towards the next.

    To be straight-forward: I don’t understand most of your post since it isn’t possible for me to secede from development of the mod as it was a quick one-man job for any computer but your own though I’m quite sure you aren’t one to judge the level of conception, or even development, considering I can’t criticize your work to understand your skewed view of what a “one man programmer, artist, and designer playable demo” should play like on an untested, unplanned machine.

    I am thankful for your admiration, but with a post like that, I have set some high standards for your next up-coming blockbuster mod.

    1. I suspect that was directed at me but might be wrong.
      I stand by my post as do others by theirs, here and elsewhere.
      I’m with you tundra_cool make no mistake. Provenance was brilliant and I loved it but there are technical problems. You know this, I know this, loads of gamers know this.
      My system is ‘state of the art’. Provenance not only had the problems you already know about but actually affected our system after quitting and we had to cold boot.
      If I can help, I would be delighted. But as a gamer only – this is not software with which I am familiar. My knowledge is limited to our company’s CSS website which I run.
      Do not take umbrage, please. That is not my intent. Rather, more please (but without the issues!)!

  8. haz0r

    Great interview!

  9. I’ve added the new MP3 player and you can now listen to the interview from within the post, as well as download it.

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