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16 Jul 2010 Poll Question 181 - Should mod makers be expected to support and update their mods over a number of years and engines updates? I would like it if they did fix 'em but I don't think, MP mods aside, any mod author is obliged s...
16 May 2010 The Sphere The fact is that the map looks bad, plays bad, it's boring and repetitive, optimization is out of...
16 May 2010 Nathan Grove Compilation Nice map pack. Standard hl2 game play but nicely laid out, good pacing. At some places the maps l...
16 May 2010 It's Mine! A good reiteration of the companion cube game play. Mapping was so so, the shot Philip used for t...
14 Dec 2009 Poll Question 150 - Do you play fullscreen or windowed? I use windowed only for the SDK, otherwise full screen
08 Dec 2009 Dangerous World I just started that mod yesterday I have to say it's pretty impressive so far.
08 Dec 2009 City 17: Episode 1 - Mod Report Great interview Phillip, as always. Nice shots too, looking forward to the release of City17. And...
06 Oct 2009 Text Interview with Magnar Jenssen Very nice. Thumbs up Phillip.
19 Sep 2009 Audio Interview with Brian Roycewicz tundra you should have said you wanted more stuff around the tram, I would have gladly done it. N...
09 Sep 2009 Provenance I am glad tundra_cool made that I finally had a chance to put my tram model to use in such a gr...
18 Dec 2008 Union That's how map's and mods should be done. Nice introduction to the map and a tweaked version of...
28 Sep 2008 Intrusion Way too funny. Great time spent with good maps and terror from antlions. The criptic messages a...
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