Audio Interview with Abraham Lee and Mat Roberts

20th February 2016

In a quickly arranged interview, I chat with Abraham Lee and Mat Roberts, the creators of Local-Motive.

We chat for just under the hour about the making of the mod.

You can listen via this page or download it to your HDD.

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  1. No comments?
    Very good interview. I always like to hear stories about making Source stuff.

  2. you know it’s always really cool when I hear someone who played Half-Life 2 for the first time really long after release and like the game so much. Just shows how well the game aged and how good it still is.

  3. GreenPepper

    Very interesting interview, these guys definitely have the right idea and the last tip about “things will take a lot longer than you think, so start small” is completely true. I also was first introduced to the Half-Life series through consoles, except I played Half-Life 2 on the original Xbox (before buying the Orange Box for X360 far later). Then I ended buying Half-Life 2 for PC in order to play Zombie Panic! Source and that was what initially introduced me to the modding scene.

  4. Such good advice…

    People start mods with huge plans and ideas… and normally give up as the scope is just beyond their skill or spare time. Personally i build individual maps that are self contained that i can connect to others if i want to. Aftermath was basically just 3 solo maps that I chained together.
    Its a great way to build as each map can have its own theme or setting or focus…
    When playing HL2 you can actually see how valve built the same way, with each BSP having ts own thing going on.

  5. I played this mod over and over and i can’t get enough out of it, hope there will be more of this like the custom animation. 🙂

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