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22nd August 2005

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As with some other Russian Mods and Maps, I can’t tell you much about this map!
Below is an online translation(!!!) of the review at City 17:

Modes on the theme of taking by the assault of the fortress of kombinov, which consists of many cavities and other auxiliary accommodations.

At first glance subject is simple – it is necessary to go forward, breaking through through the barriers of enemy. To help the small forces of rebels are given. It is desirable to conduct its soldiers after itself, but it is possible to manage and without this, therefore as frequently it is, that you are dug in into the sequential cavity, and there are opened gates from where it throws out the new band of rebels, who help to clean locality.

Complexity grows on the motion of game. at first us resist lightly armed metrokopy, then kombiny, and at the end let us encounter with the elite soldiers from the citadel.

Pluses of the game:

  • A little nonlinear subject. Rarely it is necessary to think where to go further. Besides the buttons, which open doors, in the game there is one code lock, the code to which to find not too and it is difficult;
  • The well made situation. Besides those diligently made of vnutrennostey fortress, the author not of polenilsya made its surrounding hills;
  • There are several new dialogues in the Russian;
  • Into the presence pleasant trifles, like the photographing scanners and the firing of locality by the rockets;
  • Mozgososonositel4mi, which for some reason without it is crab aboard.


  • It is not noted. Perhaps that ends game a little everyday – we clean sequential cavity on what all it ends.

Basic Details
  • Title: Assualters
  • File Name: assaulters.rar
  • Size : 4.0 MB
  • Author: Koslov Dmitry (Demalition)
  • Date Released: 22 August 2005

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  1. Alexander

    Here is the review translation made by human 🙂
    The human’s native language is not English, sorry in advance.

    The subject of this mod is taking by storm a Combine fortress consisting of multiple courtyards and barns.

    The story seems simple at first glance – just go ahead breaking through enemy covering forces. Small groups of rebels are there to help you. It is desirable to lead the rebels to follow you. You can manage without this though, since quite often after rushing into another courtyard the gates open letting in another rebel gang who help you to clean up the area.

    The difficulty increases as you progress. In the beginning you face metrocops with light arms, later on they are replaced with Combines, and in the end elite soldiers from the Citadel confront you.

    – A little nonlinear plot. Sometimes you have to think where to go further. Besides the buttons that open the doors, there is one code lock, and it is not too difficult to find a code for it;
    – The setting is well done. Besides fortress inner scenery which is built thoroughly, the author has also spent some time making surrounding hills;
    – There are several new dialogues in Russian;
    – Some nice touches like photographing scanners, or headcrab carriers (for some reason, without headcrabs onboard) dropping on the area.

    – None noted. Maybe, the ending is a little disappointing – just clear another courtyard, and the game is over.

  2. Well worth downloading and playing. Short and sweet.

    It doesn’t start out promising, but persevere and you’re rewarded with some good pitched battles aided by your rebel mates.

  3. Another good release from demalition see also Fallout map like Mike says short and sweet

  4. Matt Glanville

    I found this map pretty dull to be honest. The level design is quite bland and hardly varies from start to finish. I’ve no idea why the description states “A little nonlinear plot” as all you do is move from A to B whilst shooting down numerous Metrocops and Combine soldiers. There are more rebels than you need so you end up crowded by people.

    The textures are used wrongly in several places, in other places they are dull. Props are used OK but the areas still feel empty.

    The end was very anti-climatic. After a gunfight in a courtyard (larger than the gunfights in the other courtyards), there were a few headcrab canisters landing (which spawned no headcrabs) followed by a fade to black. It left me thinking “huh?”.

  5. Mel

    A good action based map with plenty of rebel help to beat the increasingly powerful Combine troops as you progress. This is a fun map packed with Combine encounters heavy at times and you don’t get too much time to take in the set design or textures, but I don’t think that they matter that much with a map of this type, however what I did see in passing were ok without being outstanding. If you are looking for lots of action and a short shot of HL2 mayhem then go download this one.

  6. woja

    Just migrated to a new computer, so I’m weeding out old maps that won’t be played again and this isn’t one of them!
    Depite its relative antiquity, it’s still fun to play – so for those of you that missed Assaulters first time around do download it for 30 minutes or more of good gameplay – only negative would be the ending………….

  7. Maybe?

    As far as I know, this one is the last map published by Demalition. Unfortunately, there is no story connection between this map and his earlier works, and the story is very basic.
    This map is very different from his previous levels. Its design is the closest to the original HL2, I think, such location could probably fit to nearby of City 17`s Canals. He almost abandoned his brush-based technics, I haven’t noticed anything beyound standard props from HL2 library. What also makes it to be more close to the original game is usage of Combine tech. It’s not overused, but is well integrated into the level. This map is also the only one where Demalition used 3D skybox.

    However, some GoldSource legacy is still present here. There is an old-school lightning effect similar to which is used by Counter-Strike mappers. Although the lightning itself does not look realistic, the lightening during the strike is really impressive.
    The general structure of the level is very similar to “Fallout area 21”, both levels are pretty compact rectangular-shaped, with the same “non-linear” technics to make player`s actual path larger. The whole place seems to be somewhat more complex than “Fallout area 21”, and definitely it is larger.

    Your main mission here is, of course, to kill numerous enemies, but also to let in numerous friendly rebel forces waiting behind the numerous gates.
    The readme states, that you need not leave friendly NPCs behind, but I actually did quite the opposite, and send my forces as far away, as possible, because there are numerous CPs equipped with stunsticks, which kill a rebel instantly, in one hit. Besides, the player always can retreat when the situation is too hot, and then have support fire from rebels left behind.
    Actually, it is sometimes hard to achieve rebels following you, because they have some strange problem with pathfinding. There are lots of rebels, however, so the problem is not that serious, but definitely, it could have better solution than that. Also note, that they won’t respond to your commands while doing their going out animation.
    Enemies are somewhat disappointing too, because they sometimes act like they were unaware of your presence, similar problem as in “Fallout area 21”.

    In terms of gameplay, the map is pretty good and quite challenging when playing on hard difficulty setting. It took me several tries to finish it. In contrast to “Fallout vault 7”, there is a shortage of ammo and supplies, so it requires some accuracy and thinking. Flammable barrels are very helpful when you want to save some bullets. There is no medics, so don’t expect anyone will heal you in the middle of a battle. There is no autosave, which you might consider to be a disadvantage, but I don’t think this is critical, because the map is not that big.

    Overall, I like “Assaulters”, it is pretty decent map, if you like challenges.
    However, it is unfortunate that Demalition abandoned his own style, and switched to just mimic HL2.

    P. S. There is no invisible walls or ceilings (except the borders for map itself), which allows you to climb up with some barrel, thus providing access to the much of the level without opening any doors. Might be fun to exploit, I haven’t tried this much.

    – nice HL2-like level design
    – is challenging on hard skill
    – has some scripts
    – diverse ambient and music
    – lightning effects

    – glitchy pathfinding for friendly NPCs
    – NPC behaviour is unrealistic sometimes
    – some minor lighting glitches

    =========== Author`s readme translation ===========
    Huge thanks to Jedi KOst for the sound records, and to Fishman for the code lock tutorial. It could not be made without some Linkin Park`s music, big thanks to them.

    The story
    The story is very simple, there is not much of it. You are a brave warrior. You and your detachment were taken to the enemy base, which you should assault now.

    Don’t leave your wards behind, and don’t skip healthkits, which are not abound here. Be attentive, then you won’t have many troubles.

    ============ Sound records translation ============
    —– Bazar_01.mp3 —–
    Detachment “Alpha”, come in. Detachment “Delta” has almost got to the warehouses. Clear the eastern part of the base and join detachment “Delta”. Signing off.
    —– Bazar_02.mp3 —–
    To all detachments. The enemy has gathered all his forces at the southern warehouse. Move to the southern warehouse and destroy elite divisions of the enemy.
    —– Bazar_03.mp3 —–
    Good work. Our artillery fire is coming. Leave the place immediately.

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