Archives now include Authors!

5th July 2015

From today, users of the PLAY archive pages can now view the author of almost each and every map.

Thanks goes to Jan for writing the code to make it happen, which was harder than it might have sounded because we had to extract the details from the post and put them into a custom field.

There are a few maps and mods that don’t have the details, but those are the ones that got truncated when I moved database servers, but at least it makes it easier for me to find them and then slowly update them.

I have tried to make as few changes as possible to the authors spelling but a couple of times I have made changes. For example I have change the Euro sign for an “e” in the hope that it makes it easy to find.

The Author column is sortable and filterable just like all the other columns, so finding maps by your favourite author should be easier than searching the site.

There are some entries that use the term “Team” because I wasn’t clear who was part of the group that made the release.

Lastly, there are a few of “unknown” authors, so if you know who made that release please let me know.

While we are taking about the PLAY archive features, is there any feature you would like to see?


  1. Nice addition good job to the coder Jan.

  2. That’s a very helpful addition to the Archives. Good job!

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