A.I. Cards Coming?

10th November 2006

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

I need to buy a new graphics card and I want to buy a physics card. Probably the same is true for many of you. Well maybe the day will come when you need to buy an A.I. card!

At the time of writing this post I had just posted Poll Question 4 which was related to game A.I., graphics and physics cards. If the graphics and physics need cards why not the A.I.?

Perhaps it’s not needed but it will be interesting to see what happens within the next few years. I would definitely want to but one of those. Imagine a system wide control panel that allowed you to control various aspects of the enemy A.I..

Each game would be able to override the settings. But there could be some features you could control. Things like:

  • Self-preservation
  • Aggression
  • Environmental awareness
  • Team Work

This would be different from the difficulty settings. You could still play on easy but configure the game more to your liking.

Got any other ideas?


  1. Zockopa

    My guess is that with quadcore cpu`s on the
    horizon a special AI card will be not needed.
    Actual a physicscard is pretty useless. Better
    spend that money on more RAM,CPU or GFX-Card.

  2. I’ll decide on the A.I aspect after I see how the nvidia card(8800GTX)performs with DX10.Wish I could afford one.

  3. AI

    All those things above sound like me when I’m playing HL2!!!

  4. I never even knew a physics card existed so I best just leave my head stuck in the sand. lol
    I really gotta get out more. 🙁

  5. el_espaniol

    Mr.Zockopa is in the right way Phil…I agreed in this matters with the same idea…

  6. What’s the problem with most releases in computer is that the week after you pay a hard price for a new component it becomes out of date…So I would oriented my choice to market specification (according games) and get a good graphic card but not the best on the market (this card won’t really change your gaming experience in HL1) and focus what zockopa told

  7. My guess is that with quadcore cpu`s on the
    horizon a special AI card will be not needed.

    You may be right but what’s neededisn’t always the basis for product releases. You have to take into account the manufacturer’s business model. They may require new products to be released regularly.

    What I am saying is we may not need one but we may still have the opportunity to buy one.

    There will lawyas be people who want the “latest and greatest” and this could just be another one of those.

  8. shungokusatsu

    so how would a physics card affect the way my hl2 plays? its always seemed to have very good physics as it is to me…

  9. For a game to benefit from having a physics card I believe it needs to have been designed for one. However, perhaps Half-Life 2 would render the explosions etc more realistically, although it seems pretty good to me also.

    I thinl CellFActor is one game that needs/reqiures/benefits from having a physics card.

  10. Zockopa

    HL2 will not benefit from a additional physics card,simply because the physics-engine implemented in the game is a pure software-solution (havoc). Actual the PhysX-Card only supports a couple games and in the future the new Unreal Tournament. http://www.ageia.com/physx/

  11. AI

    I read the artical on the web site from #10 about the physx, there is alot I don’t understand about (I’m only an AI) but what I’ve seen in Extraction Point is what they are talking about at the site! When I shoot at the floors or walls, it leaves very realistic looking holes with lots of dust! (not just smudges) When I shoot at one of my namesakes it leaves lots of damage, very realistic!! Maybe I’m offbase but I think it’s in the game design or maybe it’s my computer setup that’s making it happen?? I wish I could have had The formal training to understand this better!!

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